It is always free. It is set in the kingdom of Basra, the pearl of the East. A wicked wizard became the ruler and oppressed all the people. Among them is Sinbad, a poor fisherman who once found a treasure under the waters.

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This is a Hidden Object Game with a variety of different mini-games. The Hidden Object scenes are of several different types. You may get a Find List with the name of the objects, pictures of the objects where you have to find the pieces of them, plain silhouettes, or riddles. Some Hidden Object scenes are location searches rather than object searches. You must identify what part of the scene matches a small thumbnail picture on the Find List.

When you click in that spot, you will be awarded an object, even though you never see that object in the scene itself. There is no timer. The game autosaves automatically. Whenever you leave in the middle of a Hidden Object scene, you will come back to that exact point when you return, a nice feature.

The game offers a fancy cursor. Whenever you are dragging something into a scene, click when you have the tip of the cursor positioned where you want the object to go. This tip will make sense once you start playing the game. There is a Magic Amulet in the lower right corner. When you click on it, one of the items in the scene or one of the locations for a location search will be marked with a colored ring.

You get an unlimited number of hints, but you have to wait for the Amulet to recharge each time. There are bonus insects in most of the scenes. When you collect the insects and place them in the holding jars on the Bridge, you power up the Amulet so that it will recharge faster. The more insects you collect, the less time you have to wait between hints.

Different scenes have different numbers of optional insects. You will visit most locations 2 or 3 times. The game also provides free sparkle hints in some scenes. There are no hints for the mini-games, but you can skip them at any time. There is no other penalty for skipping a mini-game. Then just click on the PLAY button in the lower right of the Bridge scene to return to the location you just left. Note that the game does not allow you to return to the Bridge after the credits, so you will not be able to place your final set of insects in jars unless you go to the Bridge before you complete all the actions at the end of the game.

Now find all the parts of the three objects shown. The Bridge You will be rescued by Chalida and taken to the Bridge. Place the 3 objects you just collected into the scene as shown. The place for the amulet is in the lower right. The Shiphold Collect the objects named on the Find List. The Bridge Now place the insects into the jars with a matching silhouette.

From now on, the insects will not be part of the regular Find List. Just click on any insect you see in any scene. One snail will also count as an insect. The Shiphold Collect the tiny fragments of the Map that are visible in the scene. The picture tiles in the Find List show you where to look, but you can also see the pieces if you just look at the main scene. Map Mini-game This is a jigsaw puzzle.

The pieces do not rotate. The screenshot shows the finished map. Collect the items on the Find List. There are also 3 optional insects in the scene marked in orange. Jagged Rocks Collect the items named on the Find List. One of the skulls is part of a pirate flag. One of the swords is part of the same pirate flag, in place of the usual crossbone on that side. Optional insects are marked in orange.

The next task is a location search. You are collecting jewel fragments, but you will not see them in the scene. Instead, you have to click on the locations that exactly match the picture tiles in the Find List. Each time you click on the location that exactly matches one of the picture titles, you will be awarded a jewel fragment. Fish Island Peninsula Return to the Peninsula. This is a location search. Now you have the pieces for all four Sun Gems. When you click on each pedestal, it will glow with a faint light that is the color of the gem you should use there.

Once the Sun Gems are placed correctly, the Torch will appear. Collect it. Jagged Rocks Now put the next four Sun Gems into the pedestals in this location. Once the Sun Gems are placed correctly, a rainbow flame will appear in the center of the scene. Take the Torch from your inventory and touch it to the flame. Click when the tip of the cursor is in the correct spot, not the Torch itself. Mysterious Cave Now you are ready to enter the Mysterious Cave. Your cursor will automatically act as a torch to light a small part of the screen.

You will only see one small part at a time. Collect the items named on the Find List. The chest in the center of the scene is moving up and down, and sometimes blocks access to the Crown which is just to its right. The Cupid is just a silhouette in the lower right. The optional insects are marked in cyan neon blue.

Now it is time for your first riddle task. You must first solve the riddle on the Find List, then collect the object that matches the solution. It has eight appendages, but it is not a spider. There are indentations that match the general shape of each object. Slider Puzzle Mini-game Now you must solve 7 slider puzzles. We have marked the initial steps on the screenshots.

The last step in each case is to slide the tile with a jewel on it into the indentation. There may be more than one solution to some of the puzzles. Sometimes you will only be able to move the jeweled tile part way towards its destination in the first phase, and then you will have to move other tiles for awhile to clear the rest of the path. Slider 1 has 7 initial steps. Slider 2 has 7 initial steps. Slider 3 has 7 initial steps. Slider 4 has 11 initial steps.

Slider 5 has 10 initial steps. Slider 6 has 17 initial steps. Slider 7 has 10 initial steps. Optional insects are marked in cyan. The Peak This is a standard Hidden Object scene. Now collect the pieces of the items shown. The Shipyard Back at the Shipyard, collect the pieces of the four lights.

There are four eagle statues in the scene. Each wears a medallion with a geometric shape. You must match the shape on each light to the eagle with the same shape. Begin by collecting the named items on the Find List. Follow the Sequence Mini-game The lights on the chest of the Ruhh will light.

You must repeat each sequence. The game will begin with one light, and add one more each time. The sequences are random, so you may get a different one than we got. However, if you write down the new note each time it should be pretty simple. Each step is the same as the one before plus one new note at the end. Ominous Temple Collect the fragments that match the pictures on the Find List. Now place four totems back into the scene.

Some match to indentations, others to wire frames.


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