I am going to clarify the three coatings specifications for you. People so often think the AAMA specifications are just for liquid coatings as these are the same specifications high performance liquid paints meet. This is incorrect — they are for coatings — so whether it is a liquid coating or a powder coating, these specifications apply. Anodized is different - it changes the substrate itself - so it is classed as a finish rather than a coating and thus comes with its own set of AAMA specifications. With this in mind, for coatings there are only three AAMA specifications to be familiar with: AAMA — in the powder world, the coatings that meet and exceed the performance requirements of this specification are known as a Standard Polyester coating.

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This is an unknown situation, so we will notify you as soon as we have returned to the office. All other tests received after that date will not be available for grading or importing into the AAMA database.

Is your certification about to expire? The AAMA will be contacting those with certifications expiring in the above time frames with updated certification information. You do not need to do anything further. Already have a test date lined up and need to reschedule? Due to the Prometric test centers closing through April 30, candidates who were scheduled to test on or before April 30 will be rescheduled to a later date at no additional charge.

Prometric will be contacting those affected by the test center closings with further information and rescheduling information. This addition will be temporary only and will no longer be applied after a certain point. Do you need to recertify by continuing education before 90 days go by? The day credential expiration policy has been extended to June 30, , for those with expired credentials who are no longer able to recertify by continuing education after March 31, Thus, if your credential previously expired and you had until March 31, , to recertify by continuing education, you now have until June 30, , to recertify by continuing education.

The Certifying Board will continue to monitor and evaluate these policies. We have only limited staff available to meet the high demand of certifying and recertifying CMAs AAMA , so your patience is most appreciated. Need CEUs? Your transcript will be updated instantly. AAMA state conference coming up? Check back with the State Society Conferences webpage for information on which conferences are canceled or postponed.

We will post info as soon as we have it. If nothing is said about your conference, email your state president for more information. Have more questions? Email us! A full list of department email addresses is on the Contact webpage. Note: We will not be answering the phones during this headquarters closure. Thank you for your patience during this time.

We will continue to monitor the situation and post updates to the AAMA website as they become as available.


AAMA 2603测试标准

Architectural Finishes Surface Treatment Aluminum is an ideal substrate for the application of architectural finishes. There are many reasons to treat the surface. The Untreated Surface Surfaces do not always need treatment after extruding. Load-bearing structures and machine parts are examples of products where the surface quality is satisfactory without any treatment. Why Coat Aluminum Extrusions?





An Architects Guide to AAMA 2603, 2604 & 2605 in Layman’s Terms




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