Insert the clamping nut through the flex conduit. Insert the sealing insert and attach it at the end of the flex conduit. Page 11 5. Insert the Ethernet cable and other cables if any without terminal blocks through the conduit gland body of the back cover. Insert the sealing insert into the conduit gland body. Sample image below.

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The 18X zoom and P resolution allow it to cover a large amount of space without needing to install multiple cameras. Installing the camera is simple using an optional wall, pole or eave mount, it attaches quickly. Remove the rear cap to attach the ethernet cable and optionally put an SD card in the slot and re-attach the cap and aim it.

The image quality is very good day or night. Not that it mattered because it did very well in low light in day mode, in color without activating the IR LED lights.

The lens has a focal length of 4. At first I though the 4. The sensor will perform P at 15 fps or P at 30 fps. As with all ACTi cameras, you are entitled to you use their NVR software for free for up to 16 cameras and the latest version that came out about a month ago is amazingly good and can make someone with multiple brands of cameras switch to ACTi. This is what the web interface looks like when you first log in. You can see the PTZ button. A little different in the KCM series vs.

In this case, you can see the settings for video motion detection. This is fast enough to capture motion yet still provide decent low light images. I mounted the camera at the front of my garage, under the eave. With the zoom lens set at 4. As with my other reviews, click on the images below to see the full size image, straight from the camera. This is what it looks like zoomed in about 10X.

The ideal place for the zoom feature is to have it covering a wide area, and then zoom in on a regular patrol to capture more detail.

The built in IR illuminators have a nice wide spread and light up the area evenly. View it at the highest resolution you can which is P. Combined with effective noise reduction, makes for good image quality in poor lighting. In no light situations, the IR illuminators provide adequate lighting. Spec sheets, manuals, overview are available here.


ACTi KCM-5211E Hardware Manual



ACTi KCM-5611


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