Gacage It is used when parking in a garage or a narrow passage. Double-check your wiring to ensure all connections are correct and secure. For example, behind the trunk panels or under the seats. Arrange wiring and cables in compliance with the manual to prevent obstructions when driving. Install the sensor rubber into the sensor unit.

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Kazrara When drilling holes in the chassis for installation, take precautions so as not to contact, damage or obstruct pipes, fuel lines, tanks or electrical wiring. J Installation and Connections For your protection, please pay extra attention to the following symbols. For example, behind the trunk panels or under the seats. Hec them may result in serious injury. Before installing sensors on the vehicle bumper, make sure hcr painting process of sensors has been finished. There are no customer reviews yet.

The visual parking assist sensor system alerts you with an audible signal and visual alert when the rear bumper of your vehicle is approaching an obstacle. Be the first to here about our latest and greatest offers and deals. Use for other hve its designed application may result in fire, electric shock or other injury. So if you have an idea come on in and run it past us, the hcd are endless and we are never too busy for an enthusiastic chat about our favourite subject.

Cables or wiring that obstruct or hang up on places such as the steering wheel, shift lever, brake pedals, etc. Slow beep 3 to 6 ft.

In Case of Difficulty 1. Use a flat board 2 x 2 ft behind the car to test the functions as described hcf the manual. Do ccd spray the ce with high-pressure water, as provided at a self-serve car wash.

Route the cables and wiring away from moving parts like the seat rails or sharp or pointed edges. RED less than 1. Never rely solely on the backup sensors; always look behind you before backing up. When in doubt, consult your Alpine dealer. Failure to do so may result in fire or damage. If a problem found with the sensor, the system will make three short beeps, then silence for one second.

Ademas, si registra su producto, tendra Ia posibilidad de entrar a un sorteo para ganar diversos premios. The wiring and installation of this unit requires special technical skill and experience. Esperamos poder tener Ia oportunidad de seguir ofreciendole otros productos en el futuro. Even with backup sensors, the driver should always look for obstacles near the vehicle and make sure the path is clear when driving in reverse gear. Check with your dealer if nce are not sure. Avoid painting the rubber ring around the sensor.

This audio signal occurs five times and the following message is displayed for 5 seconds. Double-check your wiring to ensure all connections are correct and secure.

Calibration hcd Line up bumper with 0 ft 1 2 3 Mount the ECU on a dry, protected area inside the vehicle. Also, do not apply unnecessary force to the harness. Refer to- the troubleshooting guide if a problem arises. TOP Related Posts.





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