More D The amount of insolubles formed in such field storage is subject to the specific conditions which are too variable for this test method to predict accurately. However, as a result of the significantly elevated temperature and the pure oxygen atmosphere, the nature and amount of insolubles may deviate to a greater extent than Test Method D from those formed in field storage. Scope 1.

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Blog Fuel Stability Testing Will your fuels be ready when needed? Intertek offers integral Fuel stability testing services of long-term bulk-storage fuels. Bulk fuels stored for long periods of time can suffer from fuel storage degradation and contamination, resulting in serious fuel instability problems when eventually used in large back-up generators, jets, helicopters, propeller aircraft, ships, trains, and trucks. Fuels stored for extended periods of time can suffer from polymerization, oxidation, emulsions, and bacterial and fungus infestations.

These problems can form residues and gums. Ageing fuel residues and gums can cause serious problems with engines and fuel systems.

Intertek fuel laboratories provide fuel quality monitoring programs , which identify ageing fuel degradation issues before those fuels are used. Fuel analysis helps clients identify potential problems and treat problematic fuels with additives to prevent or reduce further fuel deterioration.

Suggestions and Guidance Keep product dry. Frequently monitor and drain free water as required. Minimize tank headspace to reduce condensation water. Avoid fuel contact with catalytic metals such as Zinc and Copper brass. Microbial activity often occurs at the fuel - water interface layer. This can lead to fungal mats and corrosive by -products. Water cuts and bottom samples can be utilized to check activity levels with portable test kits. Visualization of samples in the field may identify potential issues.

Zone samples to monitor vertical stratification Density, Sulfur, Viscosity, etc. Intertek is ready to assist with your inventory monitoring program. Our global teams are strategically located and ready to provide on-site sampling, evaluations and remediation.


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Fuel Stability Testing


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