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The Robust metal to metal seats ensure long valve life on any service, even in presence of solid particles in the line media. The tapered seating surfaces of the Body and Plug are not exposed to the line fluid when the valve is in the open position, so that the erosion and corrosion of the media are confied to the lesser important part of the Valve.

Click here for catalogue Tapered Plug Valves that Audco has developed while leading the market over the last 90 years. With the most typical applications found in natural gas, upstream hydrocarbon and slurries, this well-established design has proven its suitability on a range of demanding applications when zero leakage or bubble tight shut-off and reliability of operation are of prime importance.

The plug is seated by means of forces applied through the gland packing housed in the cover which also seals the shank against leakage. To prevent damage to the packing where it would otherwise rub on the top of the plug, it bears on a metal shim which is clamped between the body and the cover. This reduces friction between the plug and the packing and also acts as a separate and very effective seal against leakage of the line fluid into the packing space.

The plug ports of these valves are rectangular in shape but are substantially full area giving the minimum flow restriction for a given size of valve. As a consequence of this short end-to-end dimension, port area is reduced compared with regular pattern valves and the change in shape from circular pipe bore to rectangular plug port is more abrupt. These valves are ideally suited for all normal pipeline applications, Request.


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