Mazulkis Thus from nafs, fatigue may depart ; and, again with pleasure, he may advance to deeds. Because by reason of sway in the souls of men ; and by its effects in creation, prophecy hath the attribute of the male ; and the means of revealing the mystery of prophecy is the soul suitable to the form of man. Every morning signifieth the existence of a quality that becometh the cause of his attachment to this world ; and every attachment became his veil against beholding the glory of kidam eternity. The murid keepeth the heart in austerity and in strife against sin ; and maketh it water softkhullat. For, in the beginning of prophecy, every khwab dream that Muhammad beheld came true.

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Gokasa Kindliness to man is the best of manners ; ill-naturedness is the result of ill nature. Regard the sun as the hakikat-i-haka,ik the truth of truths ; its light, like the flashing of hakikat, shining from outside the veil of the light of safety, manifested through the veil of the light of yakin ; and the cold-stricken one, like that one veiled with the qualities of humanity in the light of faith.

Then to him God giveth a pure wife who shall be his aider in faith and in the chattels of livelihood in a way that shall be the tranquillity of the heart, and his pre- servation from the calamities of nafs. For the power of the glory of the light of eternity God is not of accidents hadis. Not attainable, is its acquisition with the noose of reason. In speech, they make no presumption ; so long as they ask not, they speak not.

They do them service, so that thereby they may become acceptable to the hearts of men of deeds and of stages, and may be regarded with the glance of mercy ; may acquire fitness awrif kinship; and become a slipper out of the garment of alienation and of far- ness. For false teachers and deceived seekers vainly pursue the desert vapour: If it gather strength, thereto he maketh no haste without awarlf preferring of earnest prayer and of much knowledge.

Awarif ul Maarif If of the cast-off khirkas some be unrent and some rent, they rend if the shaikh consider it fit the unrent Wiirkas and part them among those present. With Musa, God promised to speak; and appointed a place of meeting and a stated time. If to that crowd— whose desire from khilvat and austerity is the revelation of miracles and not propinquity to God, — something of that desired be revealed, it is the essence of deceit, and the cause of farness, of folly, and of pride.

Since the man of hakikat seeth by its means all things in the sway of the master of lands Godhe regardeth not lawful the consigning of property to others. When, out from his own existence, the possessor of wajd is net effaced,— he is wajid ; and standing in him, is wajd.

In all are seventy-three orders, whereof the true order is only one, the firkat-i- najat the party of salvation. By whose hand as it cherished me, I grew. After the fana of zat, — a baka appeareth not.

After that the veil becometh folded; and maujud existencelost. Notes on Muhammadanism p. When the increase of the hal of each the heart and nafs is the cause of increase of hal of the other, then the delight of marriage for a nafs like this is excellent. Over him, none hath authority, for his acts are from vision. Despite the fact that Emerson wholly fails to understand Hafiz as the mystic poet, divine, immortal— strangely he admires him.

Every bounty, the aid whereof the soul of ncrease seeketh from the essence of collection God— worthy of it, universal nafs becometh. By zikr and by the occupation of the heart in contemplation of the divine as- pect, he should repel the crowd of thoughts. This is the tawakkul of that one who shall have reached the stage of tauhid the unity of God. If, for some reason, the afternoon cometh, they alight at the masjid or in some corner.

If a strange surveyor claimeth that the path is not straight, and inviteth the people to another path, — his word should not be regarded englksh and for its repelling, the aid of the true faith is of awariif number of ordinances and of requisites. If this bounty of God be not his, it is necessary for him at certain periods to prac- tise khilvat.

No object is better than propinquity to God ; whatever is exterior to Adarif is call- ed the indigo of hudus calamityand is directed by the disgrace of fana effacement. Thus, his time, he loseth not. After the witnessing shahadat of witnesses the order in respect to one against whom, witnessing is made is incumbent upon the kazi, although the witnessing be sus- picious. Possessor of talwin, they call not: It is a simur g h that hath its nest on the Kaf Caucasus of majesty ; and as the prey of understanding entereth not the dwelling of writing.

When, by the aid of divine attraction the heart gathereth power ; and beneath its sway, nafs seeth itself like a powerless amir-in the hand of a powerful amir then, from u, nafs effaceth the greed of wishing to be followed and by necessity and compulsion becometh submissive to the heart.

If this meaning fall maarfi the understanding: Nafs becometh the khalifa of the heart of the possessor of tahvin. Momently appeareth a different colour; hourly cometh forth another form. Awarif ul Maarif, the When he cometh near to the uul, he should say: For all makams are at the beginning hal, and at the end makam, as: Because wealth cannot deny them the sense of fakr and its truth, as Abdu-l-lah bin Jallad hath said.

Then to them may deferred paradise be hastened, and the mere promise of others be their realisation. Be not grieved ; for to-morrow the judgment daythy mediator, shall I be. Awrif is the negation of separation ; and the affirmation at the limit of collec- tion.

See the Kuran P. The Awarif Ul Maarif If he had possessed it, he would have brought it into use. All this is the essence of disaster ; and abhorrent to men of faith. To the substance of the understanding of Wahid unity of Godsave Wahid — no muwahhid professor of unity can reach. Nafs-i-mutma,inna awsrif indeed another nafs. No limit hath He. Related Posts


Shihab al-Din 'Umar al-Suhrawardi

Gojin In the name of God. In one place, he never sojourned more than forty days; and englisu to take great precaution to conceal his state from the people, so that their knowledge as to his tawakkul should not become a cause of the causes of his daily victuals. If it be left, it becometh the hadisu-n-nafs. For the veiled ones, is the promise of beholding this hal of God till to-mor- row the judgment-day. If awariff hour it be left, the thread of composition looseneth; and the way of existence ariseth and departeth.


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