The male is flat out domineering, arrogant, and the epitome of white male privilege that borders on barrels right into? And the female character seems to just fall prey and allow it, helpless to do anything else. She has a successful model career which is rising, a plethora of friends, and a beautiful apartment. Romance was not exactly something she was looking for, as she always assumed that she would be just fine on her own. So when magazine tycoon Bret Bardoff begins to pursue her, Hilary continously shuts him down to keep him away from her heart and out of her mind. But the mutual magnetism that is between them cannot Small town girl Hilary Baxter is making a great life for herself in New York City.

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Shelves: fiction-for-women , romance , fiction , christmas I love Nora Roberts. The first story is classic Roberts. Flawed characters, a sense of betrayal, Alpha male, unassuming female, family conflict, plot twist, love at first sight, and an eventual happy ending. She does it well. Her characters are the only things that really set the stories apart and you know what?

She sells books for a reason. Now enough about Roberts. The first story "First Impressions" is about Vance and Shane to complete opposites. Vance is running from his life and his past mistakes and trying to lay low - why? So in the little town that he settles in, he hopes for anonymity and just pure honest work.

Meet Shane. Transparent, trusting but not naive , stubborn, fiery and determined to make her dreams come true. She loves Vance almost immediately and while it takes a little while for Vance to hop on the love boat, we can see why.

There is arguing, short tempers, a shove or two not in a scary domestic violence way and sweet patience. Of course there were a few unbelievable phrases, but come on people, this is a romance novel! Dangerous in all the right ways. Plus, did I mention, handsome and rich? I say skip this one if you can unless you want to be amused along with the Alpha Male strong-arming.

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