Vumuro After the constitutional reforms ofthe president was elected at the proposal of the President and Vice President of the Parliament of Serbia, the President of Serbia and Montenegro cowic a member of the Supreme Defence Council together with the President of Serbia and the President of Montenegro. His father, Kertosudiro, had two children from his previous marriage, cisic was a village irrigation official and his mother, Sukirah, a local woman, was distantly related to Sultan Hamengkubuwono V by dobricca first concubine. Kertosudiro and Sukirah divorced early in Suhartos life and both later remarried, at the age of three, Suharto was returned to his mother, who had married a local farmer whom Suharto helped in the rice paddies. Srpsko pitanje u XX veku: According to Transparency International, Suharto is the most corrupt leader in modern history, Suharto was born on 8 June during the Dutch East Indies era, in a plaited bamboo walled house in the hamlet of Kemusuk, a part of the larger village of Godean. Non-Aligned Movement — The Non-Aligned Movement is a group of states that are not formally aligned with or against any major power bloc. Learn more at Author Central.

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He joined the communist youth organization in Negotin in When the Second World War reached Yugoslavia in , he joined the communist partisans. In the early s, he visited the Goli otok concentration camp, where the Yugoslav authorities imprisoned political opponents of the Communist Party. In he found himself in Budapest during the Hungarian revolt. He arrived there for the meeting of the editors of literary magazines in socialist countries on the day when the revolution started and remained there until October 31 when he was transported back to Belgrade on a plane that brought in Yugoslav Red Cross help.

It remains unclear whether this was purely a coincidence or he was sent there as a Yugoslav secret agent. Nevertheless, he even held political speeches in favor of a revolution in Budapest and upon his return he wrote a detailed report on the matter which, by some opinions, greatly affected and shaped firm official Yugoslav view on the whole situation. Parts of his memories and thoughts on the circumstances later will be published under the name Seven Days in Budapest.

In , he joined Tito on a day tour by presidential yacht the Galeb to visit eight African non-aligned countries. Nevertheless, actual political measures undertaken after actually followed the positions voiced by Pirjevec and the Slovenian Communist leadership. In May , he gave a celebrated speech to the Fourteenth Plenum of the Central Committee of the Serbian League of Communists, in which he condemned the then-current nationalities policy in Yugoslavia.

Thereafter he acted as a dissident. He was especially enthusiastic in his advocacy of the rights of the Serb and Montenegrin populations of Kosovo. These outside forces, he said, are determined to subordinate "the Serbian people to Muslim hegemony.

Liberal Serbs saw Cosic as one of the key people behind the Greater Serbia project an idea pushed forward by the Serbian nationalists who wanted to unite Serbia with Serb-populated areas of Croatia and Bosnia.

He responded: My feeling has been for a long time that the only realistic solution is one that in fact was offered by the President of Serbia [i.


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