JoJora Follow all warnings on the unit and in the operating instructions before operating the unit. The stored reference image is displayed in black and white below the current video image, and the selected areas are marked in yellow. After activation, all images are marked with a green Obsch. Operate the unit only from the type of power source indicated on the label. Action Select the camera mode to switch to when alarm input 1 is triggered. Blue Gain Offsets factory white point alignment reducing blue introduces more yellow.

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Bat Send nbcp e-mail Select On for the device to automatically send an alarm e-mail in the event of an alarm. Enter command 1 to open the IP menu. If the Custom option is selected, enter values in the X and Y position fields. Activate the storage media in this list and configure them for storage.

If necessary, click Select All to select the entire video- window opens. The new password is nbcpp saved after clicking Set. Destination IP address For each number, enter the corresponding IP address for the desired remote station. Connect the serial interface of the camera using any available serial interface on the computer.

Double click on above image to view full picture. Path for JPEG and video files Enter nbc path for the storage location of individual images and video sequences saved from the Livepage. These are set automatically.

When the upload is completed successfully, the device reboots automatically. Never ncp liquid of any kind on the unit. Depending on the configuration, various text overlays may be visible on the live video image. A higher value is only useful if the iSCSI system boach located in the same subnet as the camera. To do this, check the box and then enter the multicast address. This is the only way to ensure that the camera will function as intended in the event of an alarm.

The item is deleted from the table and the window closes. Enable Enable simultaneous data reception on several receivers that need to activate the multicast function. Boxch on the video quality settings for the ARB v1. If a storage medium is already being used by another user, decouple the user and connect the drive to the camera. Click one of the entries in the table to make changes. In this case, the image is placed on boscn first free video output. This allows testing whether a device is active in the network.

Click Archive Player; the installation starts. They include a number of parameters that interact with one another, so it is generally best to use the default profiles.

Select Follows input 1 so that the device maintains the connection for as long as an alarm exists. The recording capabilities of the system can be further enhanced by using the Bosch Video Recording Manager. Lock the back focus locking button. Only change a profile if completely familiar with all the configuration options. Save a functioning configuration and test new settings. Boscg rename the file, click the icon to the right of the list field and enter the new profile name in the field.

Video watermarking Select On for the transmitted video images to be watermarked. Related Posts.


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