Whitley Strieber proved me wrong as he approaches modern witchcraft and Wicca in a tactful and honest way in this book, coupled with a great story of life, death, and rebirth. What impressed me was his grasp of witchcraft. I was fearing a cheesy "evil witch" or magical spells being cast to enchant silverware to dance or As a fan of Strieber, i picked this book up for the hell of it. I was fearing a cheesy "evil witch" or magical spells being cast to enchant silverware to dance or something. But he did it in a way that could honor the spirit of what witchcraft really is about: love, intent, and communion with the world around us. Blending that with his gritty, dark, truthful, personal storytelling, he is able to deliver both a story to entertain and a message to contemplate.

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He independently authored Wolf of Shadows , [7] a young adult novel set in the aftermath of a nuclear war. He wrote about this experience and related experiences in Communion , his first non-fiction book. Although the book is perceived generally as an account of alien abduction , Strieber draws no conclusions about the identity of the alleged abductors.

He refers to the beings as "the visitors", a name chosen to be as neutral as possible to entertain the possibility that they are not extraterrestrials.

Although published as non-fiction, the book editor of the Los Angeles Times pronounced the follow-up title, Transformation , [13] to be fiction and removed it from the non-fiction best-seller list it nonetheless made the top 10 on the fiction side of the chart.

Placing this book on the fiction list is an ugly example of exactly the kind of blind prejudice that has hurt human progress for many generations. The book is a consolidation of UFO sightings and related phenomena, including crop circles, alien abductions, mutilations and deaths in an attempt to discern any kind of meaningful overall pattern. Strieber concludes that the human species is being shepherded to a higher level of understanding and existence within an endless "multiverse" of matter, energy, space and time.

He also writes more candidly about the deleterious effects his initial experiences had upon him while staying at his upstate New York cabin in the s, noting "I was regularly drinking myself to sleep when we were there.

I would listen to the radio until late hours, drinking vodka The movie covers material from the books Communion and Transformation. Strieber has stated that he was dissatisfied with the film, which utilized scenes of improvised dialogue and includes themes not present in his books. Strieber also wrote a screenplay for his novel Majestic, which to date has not been filmed. Strieber has reported anomalous childhood experiences and suggested that he may have suffered some sort of early interference by intelligence or military agencies.

The results of these tests were reported in his book Transformation. The truth was, I could have remained after that incident. It was my secret terror that drove me away. Strieber presents his claim to have witnessed the Whitman shooting in Communion in the context of alien abduction screen memories, expressing puzzlement at having repeated this false claim over the years. In two interviews prior to Communion, however, Strieber described in graphic detail what he purportedly witnessed. I was walking from the student union to the academic center, which was an open-shelf library near the Tower, when I heard a sharp bang that echoed off the University co-op across the street behind me.

I thought it was coming from the Tower. Maybe I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye. All the people in front of me thought the sound came from the co-op in front of us, not the Tower behind. The next thing I saw was a little boy on a bicycle coming toward me - his head just exploded. I knew then that it was coming from the Tower. The other people all took cover that shielded them from the co-op, but left them exposed to the Tower.

They were all killed, shot. I ran to a little retaining wall about three feet high which was near that base of the Tower building, about twenty yards from it. And I laid down there. He shot two girls in the stomach right behind me, thirty feet away from me. And they were lying there in the grass, screaming, begging, pleading for help, trying to crawl along. The other one was vomiting pieces of herself out of her mouth.

And I could smell the blood and the odor of their stomachs, what was in their stomachs and their colons. The smell was horrible coming out of these poor kids, two young coeds. And he did that to get me and this other guy who was hiding behind this embankment to come out. I stayed there. I was sick with dread, watching them die, knowing that that gun was waiting. And the other guy suddenly went out and tried to pull one of them away and got shot in the head and killed.

Whitman just shot the top of his head off. Critics including panelists on the British television discussion programme After Dark questioned Strieber about his statements in Communion about not having been at the Whitman shooting.

Despite this, according to public information, no "little boy on a bicycle" was killed by Whitman that day. In response, Strieber alleged that his own self-published edition had been "censored" by "sinister forces". As well, he has authored The War For Souls , a horror novel about an interdimensional invasion, and Critical Mass , a thriller about nuclear terrorism. An entry in the popular teen-lit genre, Melody Burning, was published in late The story centers on a feral teenager who lives within a skyrise building unnoticed, and a new tenant, a pop-star named Melody, with whom he falls in love.

A series based on the book was released by SyFy in April called Hunters. In March , Strieber and his wife Anne published an account of her illness called Miraculous Journey. Strieber experienced a cerebral hemorrhage in , and in underwent treatment for a brain tumor.

Strieber collaborated with religious scholar Jeffrey J. He has made appearances including a interview on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in support of his newer novels. On April 6, he did a two-hour interview with John B. This race is named the Streibs after Whitley Strieber. He is also associated with the Gurdjieff Foundation. Gurdjieff and P. Ouspensky and makes frequent references to them in his non-fiction writings.

According to his website, he lives in California as of April


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