Deeply impressed by its contents, he purchased the French language version of the associated correspondence course i. Byoir , pharmaceutical manufacturer, parfumier, international businessman, confidant of Mussolini , Commandatore of the Order of the Crown of Italy , Officer of the Legion of Honour , and fugitive from justice, who moved to France in the s. He undertook an intense study, and was soon skilled enough to offer hypnotism alongside his pharmaceutical enterprise. He realized that, when compared with those to whom he said nothing, those to whom he praised the medicine had a noticeable improvement this is suggestive of what would later be identified as a " placebo response ". He described autosuggestion itself as

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Biography[ edit ] Baudouin was born Nancy, France. After studying literature, Charles Baudouin continued his education in philosophy at the Sorbonne, where he got interested by the personalities of Pierre Janet and Henri Bergson.

Switzerland also allowed him to get closer to Romain Rolland. Baudouin had his first analysis with Dr. Carl Picht, a Jungian. After meeting with Sigmund Freud in Vienna in , he began a second "didactic" analysis, from to , with Dr. Charles Odier, a Freudian of the time. A few years later, he followed up with a new analytical experience with Tina Keller. He did not neglect the historical foundations of psychoanalysis, particularly suggestion and hypnosis.

This experience and all his therapeutic practice, including the therapy of children and education led him to express the respective contributions of Freud and Jung with his own findings.

To which there is only one answer: I am for physics". He published a pacifist journal, Le Carmel, published various articles mainly from to and, alternately, as of a monthly magazine Les Cahiers du Carmel. This is still published twice a year. It is the oldest French institute of psychoanalysis. The institute today has over a hundred practitioners in Europe and is represented in four countries: Belgium, France, Italy and Switzerland. It pursues a constant research on the theoretical and practical side, organizes conferences, seminars and symposiums open to the public and is always eager to train new members in the spirit of openness, which characterized its practice.

Theoretical concepts of the founders[ edit ] Baudouin supports his methodology on three levels the Psychagogy , depending on the degree of contribution of the unconscious. It therefore has three kinds of methods used separately, sequentially or simultaneously as appropriate: From the Conscious to the Conscious: "The educational methods" [2] [3] [ edit ] Work on the thought, the will, the action, Methods close to Psychotherapy of support and cognitive-behavioral.

From the Conscious to the Unconscious: "The suggestive methods" [4] [5] [6] [ edit ] Effect of a spontaneous suggestion, or induced by a hypnotic process. From the Unconscious to the Unconscious "The psychoanalytic methods" [7] [8] [ edit ] Baudouin based the psychoanalytic synthesis primarily on Freudian, Jungian and Adlerian based concepts, plus his own, clearing the vibrant and dynamic complementarity.

Of their oppositions, agreements or complementarity, the always shifting balance of the psychic system will depend. Works[ edit ] Through his numerous books and conferences, Baudouin promoted psychoanalysis not only in French-speaking countries but around the world. His work merits greater attention from modern historians and psychoanalysts. His concerns and fields of interest are often directly relevant to contemporary psychoanalysis.

He is a precursor in a number of fields art, education, suggestion, and hypnosis and some books have been translated in German, English, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish. Translated by Eden and Cedar Paul , Tolstoi: The Teacher. Translated by Cedar Paul, Translated by Eden and Cedar Paul, The power within us. The Birth Of Psyche. Translated by Fred Rothwell, Contemporary studies. Psychoanalysis and aesthetics. The Inner Life and Individualism.

The Myth of Modernity. Translated by Bernard Miall , Paris, Ed. Le Hameau, Pelman, Paris, La psychanalyse, Paris, Hermann, Imago, Psychanalyse du symbole religieux, Paris, Fayard, Christophe le Passeur, Paris, La Colombe, Paris, Le courrier du livre, Mongenet, Paris, Armand Colin, Printemps anxieux, Paris, Grasset, Le miracle de vivre, Anvers, Ed.

Le feu de hommes, Paris, Images de Paris, Cimes, Paris, La Jeune Parque, Cailler, Il libro delle ore, Siena, Casa Editrice Maia, Translation in French[ edit ] Werfel F. Blok A. Spitteler C. Pierre Cailler, Castellion S. Baroni C. Blum A. Piron C. Ruchat M. Charles Baudouin Fund[ edit ].


Suggestion and autosuggestion



Charles Baudouin





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