El apoyo emocional nos ayuda a sentir que Dios realmente desea que logremos ese algo. Dependemos sobremanera en el apoyo emocional. El simple hecho de que se nos ocurra sentir que debemos darle algo a alguien no necesariamente significa que ese sentir sea la voluntad de Dios. En la vida todos nos metemos en predicamentos debido a que no conocemos los caminos de Dios. Es bueno ayudar a nuestros hijos y dejarles saber que los apoyaremos cada vez que nos necesiten. Sin embargo, rescatarlos de cada dificultad puede impedir que maduren.

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Shelves: non-fiction , selp-help , spiritual , library-free-shelf Meh! It was okay and I liked how the author tried to reassure the reader with scripture. However, I wonder is she is truly certified as a therapist because some of her advice made me shake my head a little bit. If we only rely on God and always trust him, all our emotions will be good. As a person who has struggled all my life with depression and anxiety, I wish it were just this easy.

Sure, sin puts the doubt in my head, but it is not for lack of my trying. Many good Christians struggle too. She made good points, but this book is not the cure-all for learning to manage my depression. She is dynamic and always on point with her practical lessons from the Bible. She intermixes personal experiences with solid Bible knowledge in a way that is informative and soul inspiring. Unfortunately, her writing does not even come close to her speaking abilities. The problem is that she writes exactly how she speaks!

The book comes across as a word for word dictation of her thoughts without the I am a huge Joyce Meyer fan; that woman preaches sermons like Jordan use to play basketball. The book comes across as a word for word dictation of her thoughts without the benefit of her expressions and distinct voice. I found myself having to reread several sentences in order to get the meaning. The subject matter was great but I would have rather have heard this than read it.

Joyce Meyer writes that by letting your emotions take over you are defeating your faith. She shares some of her own personal experiences. She provides several principals to help you get your life and faith back into check! I have learned from my own personal experience that depression is normal. Depression is normal and can be worked through.

Yes, I did take medication but over time I was able to stop. In I truly enjoyed this book. In my case, I dealt with my depression with therapy and my faith. I hope you will read the book and come away feeling good that you did!


Joyce Meyer - Controlando Sus Emociones



Controlando Sus Emociones


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