Colonizareagreacl modifici circuitul economic carpato-dunlrean gi balcanic, care se integteazd celui mediteraneean. Cetdfle ponticb cunosc la. La mijlocul secolului al V-lea i. Cetateafstros ilustreazdun urbanism arhaic, spontan, condigionat in mod hotdritor de topografia locului. Agezarea s-a grefat pe promontoriul unei peninsule care avansain mare, iar zidul arhaic de apdrarea barat istmul care o lega cu uscatul, cuprinzind in interiorul cetdlii zona cea mai dens locuiti.

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Dikazahn Arhitektura XX veka u Vojvodini. First, a lower zone is constructed from beams connected at corners with halving joints.

The degree to which the women, rather than the men, were inclined towards shopping was illustrated in an advertisement in the Politika newspaper inin which city and country women are britanikaa, in an almost futuristic painting, running with their hands full of merchandise out the big store at Terazije in Belgrade [Politika ; Janc Prikazujem rezultate do od Synaxa is a scientific journal, whose authors try to contribute to an explana- tion and understanding of long-term phenomena and processes of a structural character and strategic specific weight.

Nevertheless, one should not ignore certain initiatives and activities that were started during the previous decade, which considerably expanded the materials for research of popular music in Yugoslavia. Srbistika — Strana 10 Namely, in addition to humorous ones, there are those of sentimental and melancholic character. Moreover, publishing houses published at the same time albums with up to folk dances and editions which contained several most popular dances from the same albums.

Although the Croats write and print in Latin characters, while the Servians write and print in Cyrillic, and although many a Servian cannot read Croatian books, and vice versa, the literary language of both nations is one and the same. Ministry of Post and Image 2. And another early analyst of advertising, made a similar comparison: One standpoint, insofar as it is opposed to other standpoints, always remains a potential source of political discord.

The latter group can further be divided into vajats with the following infills: However, foreign powers then interfered in the conflict: As lungs are to a human being, so is the advertisement for business. Intertextuality between word and photo sometimes functions in the manner required by revolutionary avant-garde arts programs: Thomae Hobbes opera philosophica quae latine britankka omnia I—II.

This means that there is a fundamental con- nection between stasis and politics. According to another theory T. However, this personified strife is not some sort of mystical or inexplicable force. Among these the first place belongs to Dr Laza Lazarevich.

Music and Mass publicity in Weimar and Nazi Germany. In the abovementioned speech of the Corinthian embassy, the Atheni- ans are presented as the exact opposite of the passive Spartans, who are defen- sive and not prone to conquering, because they rather desire to preserve what they already have than to obtain something new. Fashioning Women in the Third Reich. Before building the upper zone, horizontal planks are placed. This venture started inand it was unique not just in Yugoslavia but in the Balkans as well.

Isaac Bashevis Singer The organizers hoped that the team work of cosmetic experts and artists would give a clear picture of the ideal, modern, German woman. Dowels connect the planks and the lower part of the building, whereas an ad- ditional connection is achieved with posts on each side of the door.

Dositey was an admirer of England and English britnaika. The state, wrote Arbatsky, did not foster any collection of folk melodies [Arbatsky]9. However, they contain no trace of an intention of putting all the blame for committed atrocities on one of the conflicting sides, or even an attempt at comparing their magnitude.

A comparison of trends in this field in the region of Yugoslavia with trends in other countries provides the basis for making assumptions regarding the characteristics of local production of popular music.

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