Datron A 6. The advertised picture showed the display in real good and uniform shape, the self test result was a trusty "PASS". So I drove up to the sellers shop, did a quick test, looked fine. After having done that, I bought it, stuffed into the trunk compartment and had a nice weekend holiday in Duesseldorf. By the way, thumbs up for that really nice and helpful guy on that day, he kindly gave me some help to fix my TDS scope I bought from his shop. Some bonus points: The offer included a full paper copy of the service manual, including all schematics and parts lists.

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Taulrajas The bottom cover is fitted with the tilt- stand, rubber feet and instruction card. To determine which options are fitted the Digital assembly sends a series of messages across the isolation barrier, decodes them on the analog side and gates them with lines from the option assemblies to feed a signal back across the isolation barrier to the micro-processor. Do not solder in R In addition, temperature gradients around the instrument should be considered, therefore calibrate the instrument in its normal operating position and allow plenty of room for ventilation.

Sign in for more lists. Note that when the address lines are in the state the output of Mil pin eatron selects the anode to block 1, selects the anode to block 3 Ml Potentiometer R5 is adjusted to remove any offset caused by Ml and M2. Datronor IV range and apply 10MJ2 across input ter- minals. Select V range and apply -M9mV. Turn rear panel key switch to CAL. NOTE; The following step is only required after the replacement of Q12 or any component associated with the temperature compensation circuitry.

Thus a signal of —3. In most cases, examples of likely sources are given for each cali- bration function. At the end of each reading cycle the count is read by the MPU, pro- cessed and displayed. The delay counters proceed to dxtron down to zero, at which time the delay latch M26 is clocked. Repeat until display reads -H 0. Therefore the frequency of the Master Clock is increased or a to be an exact multiple of the mains frequency.

M8 and M9 form a summing type, full wave recti- fier. Another reading is then taken and the ratio calculated. If necessary change C81 to a value which permits this adjustment. The positive bootstrap supply h-BS is generated as a current source comprising Q26 and the shunt regulator, Q27, referenced to D A sinusoidal line frequency signal from the 5V mains tap is converted to a square-wave M and -;-2 M before being fed to the comparator section of the ULA M23 sheet 3.

Switch on the instrument. This signal contains about mV peak to peak high frequency noise. The basic AC set-up procedure is complete. For the purpose of explanation the same symbols are used, regardless of whether the switching is accomplished electronically F.

Sheet 2 gives tables of the coding on the input control lines from the Analog Interface. Reference should be made to circuit diagram numbersheet 1, for the complete circuit. Adjust C79 to give 5 times the error in the same direction. Q9 causes the amplifier output to be directly connected to its inverting input, giving a gain of unity. An exploded view of the instrument is shown in Fig 2. This signal is fed to M via inverter M39 and after a further — 2is compared with the actual line frequency see Fig 3.

When the output voltage of the regulator is approximately 1. Email to friends Share on Facebook — opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter — opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest — opens in a new window or tab.

Calibration Source — To perform a useful calibration the accuracy of the source should always be at least four times that of the instrument being calibrated. This is derived from the line-locked master clock signal I.

The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions datroh intended. Select filter, and leave to settle for datronn least 30 seconds. To eliminate errors in measurement due to lead or contact resistance, all current shunts are 4-wire sensed i.

The program memory is split into a series of functional modules, each module corresponding fairly closely to a major functional area and hence to one of the jobs activated by the job scheduler, the larger ones being sub-divided, see Drawing No.

A flowchart for the routine is given in Fig. This means for example that calibration directly to a standard cell is possible.

Input terminals, switches and display are mounted on the front printed circuit board pcb adtron the power supply on the rear pcb. Related Articles


Datron: Datron 1061 1061a 1062 Service Manual complete with schematics and partlist



Datron: Datron 1061 1061A 1062 Calibration Service Manual



Datron 1061A 6.5 Digit Digital Multimeter





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