Chapter I: Playing the Game Enemies Without Question: Can an ability that allows a result to be re-rolled ever be itself re-rolled page 22? What if this is the result of using two different abilities, such as a background special rule and a Fate Enemies Beyond point page ? Answer: No. A re-roll cannot be re-rolled, and the second result One on One page 61 : Replace the last paragraph with the must always be accepted.

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Chapter I: Playing the Game Enemies Without Question: Can an ability that allows a result to be re-rolled ever be itself re-rolled page 22? What if this is the result of using two different abilities, such as a background special rule and a Fate Enemies Beyond point page ? Answer: No. A re-roll cannot be re-rolled, and the second result One on One page 61 : Replace the last paragraph with the must always be accepted.

Note that a player cannot spend multiple following: Effect: When facing an enemy in single meleecombat Fate points to re-roll the same test multiple times. He can though i. Question: How are degrees of success calculated in an Opposed test page 24 when both sides succeed on their test? Nexene Inmate page 86 : Replace the Shiv profile with the Answer: The winner of the test uses the degrees of success from following: his test result as the DoS for the test.

However, in special situations as determined by the GM, the DoS could instead be the difference S hi v Class Melee between the two succeeding tests. Pen 1 Clip Rld Wt. Pen 2 Clip 6 Rld 1 Full Wt 3. What about ranged weapons? Answer: A ranged weapon that is Low-Tech would benefit from it, as would an unpowered weapon, but otherwise no.

Question: What happens when an Acolyte gains the same skill mutiple times during character creation, such as the Penal Colony homeworld and the Outcast background both granting the Common Lore Underworld skill? Answer: The Acolyte gains that skill, and an additional rank in it for each additional time the same skill is gained during character creation. Can these be used separately, or can the second part only be used if the re-roll is done?

The Arbitrator does not need to do the re-roll to be able to substitute his Willpower bonus Question: Would the Two-Weapon Wielder talent allow a for his degree of success on the test. Desperado to take a shot from both pistols? Answer: No, just one weapon. He could, however, use the Hip Question: Can a Tech-Priest character ever gain the psyker elite Shooting talent and the Two-Weapon Wielder talent together to advance page 90? Answer: Yes. Keep in mind there is no Tech-Priest class, but instead the Adeptus Mechanicus background page This Question: If a Desperado used the Assassin Strike talent page allows characters to be all manner of types from that organisation, , could he use his Move and Shoot bonus to make a pistol shot from labourers who stoke the power plants to tech-outlaws existing as part of the Free Action movement?

The movement that occurs during the use of the too of course. All of these might be psykers, perhaps unknowingly Assassins Strike talent is part of an Attack action, and Move and or keeping it a secret from their fellow Machine Cultists.

Shoot can only be done in after performing a Move action. Question: Can an Untouchable page 91 ignore Corruption, as Question: Could a Desperado use this ability with a pistol weapon this is a taint to the soul? Corruption indeed taints the soul, but it also taints automatic or full auto burst? He can still only score a single hit however, no matter how many degrees of success he scores. Question: If an Untouchable page 91 has a talent or skill that allows him to use another characteristic instead of Fellowship or Question: Does the Standard Attack made as part of Move and the GM calls for another characteristic to be used in a test instead Shoot count as an action with the Attack subtype?

Even though it is made as a Free Action, it does would be normally? Answer: Yes, unless the GM determines otherwise based on the situation and nature of the test. Question: Could the Inquisitor talents Jack of All Trades and Master of All Trades page 89 allow a character who does not have the Psyker trait to gain the Psyniscience skill, as that is not a Specialist skill?

Answer: Yes, they can allow an Inquisitor who is not a psyker to gain 2 ranks in the skill. This could represent his extensive experience in hunting witches or dealing with xenos psykers, rather than actual psychic abilities.

For example, could Intelligence alternate characteristic for Awareness allow for the Awareness special use Lip Reading? Answer: It really depends on the situation and the special use, as some of them just would not be sensible. Overall though, the GM should allow the player to make a case for using that alternate characteristic with that special use, and allow it unless there are strong reasons otherwise.

The Acolyte leaps to a safer location instead of made with a Standard Attack? Answer: It is a 20 penalty; this replaces the normal Standard Attack bonus. Question: If a character has no Linguistics skills page , how does he read or write at all?

Wouldnt everyone have the Linguistics Question: If a character has the Counter Attack talent page Low Gothic skill, for example, in order to communicate? He only suffers the 20 WS penalty as per the a basic level unless stated otherwise. This allows for normal Combat Attack rules.

Question: Is the Ferric Summons talent page affected by gravity? Similarly, what about the Telekinetic Control psychic Question: How does the Linguistics skill page and the Trade power page ? Linguist talent on page differ? They both seem to cover the Answer: Yes.

The GM may have to adjudicate here, depending on same ability and subject matter. As a rule of thumb, half the movements for 2 gees Specialisation applied.

As a note, this is beyond the functional or more and double them for. The skill also represents greater mastery of the subject armed with a melee weapon that has a range, such as a whip, does matter, such as following complex literary allusions or crafting he have to move as close as possible towards his target enemy or a witty rejoinder filled with flowery metaphors.

Any hiver can can he stop at the range of his melee weapon before attacking? Hes too frenzied to halt early! Trade Linguist is more concerning the study and analysis of Question: Is the Hammer Blow talent page valid for language itself rather than learning to read and write one specific unarmed combat?

With this skill, an Acolyte can detect similarities with Answer: Yes. Rather than Question: If a PC has Hammer Blow and Devastating Assault gaining master of a specific language, this skill allows the Acolyte page , can both the attacks from Devastating Assault benefit to possibly gain insight into totally unfamiliar languages or even from Hammer Blow?

Anyone attempting to hit him with a ranged attack Answer: Yes. Question: How would Inescapable Attack page work when used with a weapon with the Spray quality? Question: Does the Combat Master talent page negate the Answer: There is no attack test such as a Ballistic Skill test when bonus multiple opponents with the Double Team talent page using such a weapon, so this talent would not have any impact on would gain?

Any natural weapons the character possesses count Question: Do these weapons used as part of these talents need as Deadly Natural Weapons, and when using them he can re-roll to be drawn before firing them, and do they require an open hand the damage they inflict.

Answer: They do not need to be drawn but they do require an Question: When a character uses the Warp Lock talent page , open hand and so could not be used if both hands were holding does this negate the effects of the psychic power as well as allowing other items. As a side note, though, this talent can also be used Wielder, or the Move and Shoot ability? Question: Can these talents Jam? Question: How does Maglev Transcendence page work in higher or lower gravity?

Answer: In lower or zero gravity, the user can hover twice as long and move twice as far. In higher gravity, his hovering time and maximum movement is halved. Question: How does the Nowhere to Hide talent page work when a character uses it when performing multiple hits against cover, such as from a full auto burst? Answer: If the character scores multiple hits, work them out one at a time against the cover.

Its very possible the first couple of hits destroy the cover; if so then the remainders can be applied to a target who was behind the cover. Of course its possible not all hits strike the cover, depending on the situation such as if the cover only applied to the targets body and legs. Question: When using the Sprint talent page , does the user gain Fatigue from either use, or just the latter?

Answer: Only after Running double distance second use. Question: What happens if a character who is using Thunder Charge page fails one of the Opposed Strength tests against the enemies he is attempting to charge through?

Answer: His movement stops immediately, but he can resolve the Charge action against the foe that refused to budge. Question: If a character who has the True Grit talent page is struck by an attack that ignores Toughness bonus, does the talent still mitigate any Critical damage he might suffer from the attack?

This also holds true if the character had the Unnatural Toughness trait and was struck by a weapon with the Felling quality, or was a Daemon and was struck by a weapon with the Demonbane quality see page 40 of Enemies Beyond , and so on. The character suffers damage as normal, and might not be able to lessen it from his Toughness bonus, but can still lessen Critical damage using the True Grit talent.

Also, is this additional damage reduced by Question: Does using this talent count as the character performing the targets Toughness bonus or armour? It is reduced by the targets Answer: It is a Standard Attack, once against the first target and Toughness bonus, but not by armour. Question: Can a user fire both weapons of a combi-weapon page Question: Can a character combine this talent with the Aim action at the same time using a single attack action?

Answer: No, only one of the weapons in the device can be used Answer: Yes. The Aim bonus would only apply to the first per attack action.

Standard Attack however.


2 Core Rulebook Living Errata & FAQ v 1.2.pdf

Contact Welcome to the front lines, Battle-Brother! Deathwatch is a roleplaying game in which you take on the role of a member of the Adeptus Astartes - the devout, bio-engineered super-soldiers also known as Space Marines. After many years of exemplary service within your own chapter, you have been singled out and selected to join one of the most unique and specialized collectives of Space Marines - the Deathwatch. Only the most exceptional candidates from the fighting forces of the Adeptus Astartes are invited to join the mysterious Deathwatch; to take on a new oath to safeguard the Imperium from the darkest of threats. You will now be called into service to hunt down and destroy hostile xenos forces, to seek out and crush the root of heresy and sedition, and to continually fight against the foul daemon menace that crawls forth hungrily from beyond the Warp. Along with the other players, you will unite together as a Kill-team of Deathwatch Space Marines, but the challenges you will face are not all external.


Deathwatch - Living Errata v1.1

Kagasho The Deathwatch Living Errata is now online! Sign In Sign Up. He could not do what you describe because Full Auto is a full-round action whereas Smite is a half-action. And is there a reason why they reduced the Requisition amounts for each objective type? I livnig dont get it. Actually even higher in the case of Fire Warriors as they tend to be played in smaller hordes, magnitude-wise.




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