If you wish to host this guide at your own website, please ask for permission. Initially conceived as a specialized Guide instructing players on the most efficient areas and methods for power-leveling, it has since evolved into a completely comprehensive guide detailing every aspect of the game. This guide is intended to be the ultimate reference tool for both veteran Disgaea gamers, as well as those new to the series who might otherwise find the sheer scale of Disgaea 4 overwhelming. I have done my best to assemble all of the information in this guide in as logical and concise a manner as possible, and have attempted to craft the language so that everything you may need is both easy to find and easy to read. It is my greatest hope that all of these efforts prove equal to the task, so that this Guide may be sufficiently worthy to be used as a one-stop reference.

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There is missing and downright wrong information. Reviewed in the United States on September 8, I already had low expectations from BradyGames considering their track record but when I saw them being the "official" guide for Disgaea 4, my heart sank and for good reason too. BradyGames often publishes guides that are incomplete, missing information, repeating information, lacking quality assurance and barely meeting minimal requirements. Simply put, there are no details in this guide.

It would actually be more beneficial to learn about Disgaea 4 by buying the Disgaea 3 strategy guide from doublejump. There is NO information about class world, only vague wording that it helps characters. There is no explanation on how to obtain these higher tier skills. I want to know formulas. I want to know how much HP I need to restore through the hospital to get the final muscle.

I want to know what item ranks are covered each time I pass a "More expensive items" bill. There is no explanation how to get battle suits, a humanoid class in the game. In fact it says under battlesuits regarding how to unlock them "Warriors are a starting class. On page 28 a paragraph repeats. Quite often it simply tells you to just move characters and kill enemies. I definitely needed a strategy guide to tell me that I needed to play the game to progress the story.

Oh by the way, news sites are wrong. It is not pages.


Disgaea 4 Power Leveling

This is a good stage to level up your characters before or Finish the remaining enemies. The power leveling trick works vice-versa as well. You can also throw the green Geo Block towards the blue panels then destroy the green Geo Block to create a massive geo chain. Take advantage of their low range and elemental weakness to fire by using a long range attack or a fire spell. After you killed a majority of the enemies, kill either Geo Block to improve your bonus rank. To prevent damage from the geo chain, stand on your base panel and use an area of effect spell.


Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten – FAQ/Walkthrough

Crimson Phantom Crimson Phantom 7 years ago 3 Haha yes we online community are crazy even if those of us who tended to do the bulk of the faqs for them are done with that i7 k 5. Just knowing this guide is by Bradygames instead of Doublejump oromise more than enough to understand not to by this guide. Forgot your username or password? Buying a guide for this would be just as useless as when i bought a guide for gears of war If you do not get online often or enough to look up whatever you want, when you wantthe guide can be handy to have around. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Dragon Dragon 7 years ago 10 Its got some decent info in it. Double Jump Books does amazing work.


Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten – Guides and FAQs



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