Author[ edit ] Augusto Cury is a doctor, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, scientist and writer who is a post graduate of the Centre Medical Marmottan Paris, France and currently one of the most widely read authors in Brazil. His books are published in more than 50 countries and adopted at several universities. A respected thinker and theorist in Education and Philosophy, he has developed a new theory about the logic of thinking, the process of interpretation and the process of forming thinkers: The Theory of Multifocal Intelligence. The Theory of Multifocal Intelligence has been quoted in several post-graduate theses in diverse countries in the areas of psychology, educational science, sociology, theory of education and others. The books[ edit ] The Dreamseller - The Calling A stranger tries to save a despairing man from suicide. Nobody knows where the enigmatic stranger comes from, his name or history.

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About The Book Wherever he goes, the dreamseller enchants, stirs up trouble and inspires his listeners to search for the most important thing: the heart of the human soul. Every person he meets is someone who has abandoned their dreams and is struggling through life: a professor who has stopped pursuing his passions, an alcoholic who has no family, the elderly who have lost their zest for life.

Through his questioning and wisdom, the dreamseller helps them to look into their silent hearts and get to the root of their unhappiness.

The Dreamseller: The Calling is moving, entertaining and ultimately inspiring. This book will make you laugh and cry, but above all, it will make you reflect on the purpose of your life, value others and become empowered to believe in your dreams.

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A mysterious stranger appears out of the crowd and convinces Julio to not be afraid of life and more than that, to live it intensely: by selling dreams. Doubtful at first, Julio Cesar joins this mysterious man on a journey, collecting other dream sellers and helping strangers realize what has been missing in their lives. What follows is a remarkable parable exploring the major themes of modern existence as this wild band of misfits, lead by the Dreamseller himself, work to change the world.

From the onset of the novel, Julio Cesar is in big trouble. Identify the parts of his personality and of his life that would lead him to consider suicide. What were your first impressions of him, as a character? How does this impression change throughout the course of the novel? Julio Cesar is very dissatisfied with academic life, just one of the ghosts haunting him. They had to conform to their departments thinking Do you agree with his argument?

Where do you believe this obsession with celebrity culture stems from? How does he suffer for these crimes? Whom does this title refer to? What are the characteristics of this particular group of individuals? Why does the Dreamseller want to help these people? Here, we disarm ourselves, strip away our vanities, remove our makeup.

Here, we are who we are. Why does this proximity to loss and death give a certain kind of clarity? What ties do these ragtag individuals, all from very different backgrounds, share? What about their lives makes them follow the Dreamseller? We kill without extracting blood. Where is the pleasure of silence? Where is the fun of playing outside?

Where is the innocence? How are the two ideas related? How are they different? What sort of experiences call for each philosophy? What have you learned from your grandparents or other older people in your life?


The Dreamseller: The Calling






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