A Foucault pendulum at the North Pole: The pendulum swings in the same plane as the Earth rotates beneath it. To demonstrate rotation directly rather than indirectly via the swinging pendulum, Foucault used a gyroscope in an experiment. The inner gimbal of the Foucault gyroscope was balanced on knife edge bearings on the outer gimbal and the outer gimbal was suspended by a fine, torsion-free thread in such a manner that the lower pivot point carried almost no weight. The gyro was spun to 9,—12, revolutions per minute with an arrangement of gears before being placed into position, which was sufficient time to balance the gyroscope and carry out 10 minutes of experimentation. The instrument could be observed either with a microscope viewing a tenth of a degree scale or by a long pointer. At least three more copies of a Foucault gyro were made in convenient travelling and demonstration boxes and copies survive in the UK, France, and the US.

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Only when I was half way through did I notice a sheet of white paper slipped into the last pages. It shows four hand-drawn circles, each of which contains the name of a city and a number. If the numbers represent years, they cover 21 years.

If you add 2 and 1, you get the number 3. If you examine the gaps between the years, you get the numbers 11, 4 and 6. If you add these numbers, you get 21, which when added together, comes to 3.

If you add 1, 1, 4 and 6, you get 12, which when added, comes to 3. If the numbers are not years and you add them together, you get 8, If you add these numbers, you get 14, and if you add 1 and 4, you get 5. If you add 3 and 5, you get 8, which is exactly twice the number of circles on the sheet. In Paris, the Temple was a medieval fortress, located in what is now the 3rd arrondissement.

The Knights Templar originally constructed it as their European headquarters. If you have any ideas about the significance of this sheet of paper, please message me or post them in the comments below, with a spoiler warning. Imagine the Earth is a perfectly spherical hollow ball it is, you know, or is it? Imagine that a steel cable 6, kilometers long is attached to the bottom side of the North Pole. This is more or less the radius of the Earth. Imagine that a really bloody heavy lead bob is attached to the end of the cable.

See steps 10 and By the time the bob returns to our side of the Earth, it touches the inside of the sphere 15 degrees away from our couch. Repeat another 23 times, and the bob comes full circle and smashes our couch. If we map the path of the bob, it will look something like this except that there would be 24 repetitions instead of eight : If we mapped 24 repetitions, the map would look more like a rose. Hence, in mathematics, this type of map is referred to as a "rose" or "rhodonea curve", and each half of a repetition from the circumference to the centre is called a "petal".

While individual lives might be relatively chaotic, in constant motion, the belief systems are supposed to fix and secure our relationship with the universe. They create order.

Each one is an apparatus which is offered to us to help in our quest for happiness. I wondered whether it had simply been translated from English to Italian and then back to English, without checking the original. However, its opponents acknowledge that there is a void, but argue that it should not exist: "A void had been created, and it has to be filled! Somehow, the Book whether or not it contains the "Holy Word" has become the vehicle with which to fill the void, create meaning, document beliefs and practices, and address the need to be happy.

Esoterica Major Religions have their own Holy Book. However, side by side with them are heretical, esoteric and occult works that cater to the same need. Many fraternities and orders have grown up around these books. In the case of the more military orders, the members also get their orders from their order. To the extent that these books and beliefs have been perceived as heretical or threatening by mainstream religious institutions, a culture of secrecy has grown up around them, hence the term "secret societies".

True esotericism does not fear contradiction. A secret remains enchanting until it has been revealed, at which point it has been emptied of enchantment. Secrecy is more important than the substance of the secret.

Perhaps what is most valuable is the bond between the members of the order. The secret might simply be the framework or glue that initially connects them.

Once the order is in place, it can survive of its own accord. A Post-Modernist Prank The Post-Modern aspects of the novel derive from the narrative in which its three protagonists Casaubon, Belbo and Diotallevi resolve to fabricate a work of esoterica, so that a specialist publisher for which they work can capitalize on a credulous market "the Plan".

The work needs to have words and facts and connections. The connection changes the perspective; it leads you to think that every detail of the world, every voice, every word written or spoken has more than its literal meaning, that it tells us of a Secret. The rule is simple: Suspect, only suspect. The foundation stone is:.


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