Shares Our Verdict EnergyXT has blossomed into a cracking second version, combining innovative features with improved basic functionality. Pros xtExcellent workflow. Clear, user-friendly interface. Outstanding value. Best Linux option there is.

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Shares Our Verdict EnergyXT has blossomed into a cracking second version, combining innovative features with improved basic functionality. Pros xtExcellent workflow. Clear, user-friendly interface. Outstanding value. Best Linux option there is. Cons Some features of the last version are missing. No MIDI panic, tempo automation or manual.

Occasional instability. Image 1 of 4 energyXT2 has beautifully implemented parameter automation for each track. Image 2 of 4 REX files can now be edited slice by slice in a special slice-editing lane.

Image 4 of 4 The Comps modular routing screen is still available. This sequel to the original energyXT has been a long time in the making, and its coming greatly anticipated by a loyal band of followers. To the left of the main screen is the new browser window, where you can peruse your VST plug-ins, sample collection, presets and projects. By dragging a plug-in, sampled loop or XTC preset more on these later from the browser and dropping it onto the sequencer window, a track is configured and a new channel added to the mixer automatically.

On the audio editing side, as well as the usual tools and envelope functions, you can now stretch or compress any audio, adjusting its tempo or pitch independently thanks to the excellent Elastique pitchshifting and timestretching algorithm.

REX files can also be dragged and dropped into place, and manipulated in a dedictated slice-editing lane. The sequencer has further tricks up its sleeve, including a unique drum track, allowing you to drop samples onto each of its lanes and trigger them using a grid. You also have control of pan, volume and a resonant filter for each individual hit.

It makes for quick and intuitive programming of drum patterns directly from the main project screen, without using a separate drum editor. It has a functional GUI and, like the sequencer, is very easy to get around. This has the usual volume fader, pan, mute and solo buttons for each channel, as well as a clip indicator, four-band EQ and an effects rack.

Again, adding effects - whether inserts or sends - is as easy as dragging them over from the browser. Group channels can also be created for sub-mixing. Clearly, an incredible amount of thought has been put into energyXT2, assisted by a riotously faithful community of users, and all the hard work has most certainly paid off. In fact, you never have to enter the Comps area in order to use eXT2, but it offers an incredible level of flexibility on tap for the power user.

There is no facility for on-the-fly tempo changes or tempo automation, although we hear this is on the wish list and rightly so. The developer tells us that these are all on the list for future updates, as is the inclusion of a MIDI panic button to bring an end to any hanging notes.

We experienced a few unexpected crashes during testing too, mainly associated with importing WAV files into Drum tracks, so hitting that Save button frequently is a must. We hope that a proper manual will surface at some point, too, as the closest thing to this at the moment are the tutorials on the website which are good, to be fair.

Despite our criticisms, using energyXT2 to record and compose is a very fluid experience, and at this price, little comes close in terms of value. Most Popular.


XT Software EnergyXT 2.5 Plus

Tracks containing MIDI parts or audio recordings run from left to right across the larger part of the application window. All the usual recording, quantising and step-programming functions are provided. Edit functions include normalise, delete, reverse, and fades in and out. Multiple tracks can be recorded simultaneously. Group channels can also be added so that submixes can be created. All mixer parameters can be automated. The Modular view within EnergyXT is more unusual, and allows you to chain effects and instruments together to create complex processing modules.


XT Software energyXT2 review

Nikogor Something does not work as expected? Intgrant even more features. Initially purchased as bote vst tool, it quickly became my main squenceur manuxl it is simple and powerful. We can always blamed a lack of features compared to large squenceurs such as Cubase.


EnergyXT 2.5 Manual

Gardalrajas Not satisfied with those reviews? Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. This is a program that really lets the music guide the inspiration, not the machine that guides our music. Ultra extremely simple, simply unzip the file sa.

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