Mikabar Haatdragende of gewelddadige inhoud Bijvoorbeeld antisemitische inhoud, racistische inhoud, of materiaal dat gewelddadige fysieke handelingen tot gevolg kan hebben. All products, product specifications and data present in this website are subject to change without notice. Contunuity of conductor measurement mA EN For additional general information concerning Earth Resistivity measurement, refer to enclosed handbook Measurements on electric installations in practice and theory. Expected add to cart to know when it arrives.

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General description List of parameters measurable by the Instaltest Standards applied Instrument description Front panel Connector panel Bottom side Page 4: Introduction 1. We are glad, to be able to offer high professional test equipment, for carrying out absolute inspection of electric installations in buildings. The equipment was designed and produced on basis of rich experiences, acquired through more-years long period of dealing with electric installation test equipment.

Instrument description 2. Front panel Fig. Auto OFF will occur automatically 10 minutes after last strike to any key or function switch rotation. RS key, to communicate with PC. Bottom side Fig. Bottom side Legend: Nylon strip it serves the operator to carry the instrument hung on his neck. Auxiliary nylon strip it serves the operator to fix the instrument along his body. Plastic cover it fixes nylon strip to the instrument.

Standard accessories See attached sheet, to compare received set of accessories with listed one. Optional accessories See attached sheet, to check the list of possible optional accessories, which may be supplied upon request. Accessories required for specific measurement The table below presents accessories standard or optional required for specific measurement. The accessories marked as optional may also be standard ones in some set configurations; Please see attached list of standard accessories for your set configuration or contact your dealer for further information.

Measurement instructions 3. Insulation resistance There are different objects, where insulation resistance is to be measured, in order to assure safety against electric shock. How to set the Test Voltage? Beep warning sound will be affected too. Varistor Over-voltage Protection Devices For general information concerning the measurement, refer to enclosed handbook Measurements on electric installations in practice and theory. How to carry out the Breakdown voltage measurement?

If test results are not to be compared with High Limit Value at all, then press the CLR key, no will be displayed instead of set value.


METREL Eurotest 61557 User Manual



Metrel MI 2086 Eurotest 61557 ST Wielofunkcyjny miernik instalacji



METREL Eurotest 61557 St. set (MI2086ST) - revize instalac├ş a hromosvod┼»


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