Pound had merely done what he had always done—spoken his mind. Unfortunately for Pound, however, he had made the error of criticizing the American government in a series of broadcasts from Italy during World War II. For that he was made to pay the price. Was Pound a traitor—or a prophet?

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Roman engineers, the best in the world, turned their fellow citizens into neurological cripples. Today our own "best and brightest" with the best of intentions, achieve the same end through childhood vaccination programmes yielding the modern scourges of hyperactivity, learning disabilities, autism, appetite disorders and impulsive violence. Coulter, Ph. Personally, I seriously question the "best of intentions" phrase!

Oh the treasures I unearthed! This page I found a long long time ago, well before the latest H1N1 began. It was written in by none other than Eustace Mullins. Needless to say, I have juiced it up with more information, links and a few images.

I can add my testimony to the others that vaccination contributes to the great increase in cancer. Forbes Laurie A long line of tense and fearful people had formed outside a local "health clinic". As the chemical hit their bloodstream, some of the victims slumped over and died immediately. We have watched endless movies of these atrocities, produced by victorious Jews who claim that these acts were really carried out by Nazis in Germany.

The above scene, however, is not Germany in Only the warped mind of the Jew could have conceived such a horror as celebrating the Bicentennial Year of the United States by carrying out a national campaign of genocide against its citizens, and by enlisting the President of the United States, Gerald Ford, to personally lead this campaign. Think of how we have, in the past, heard of primitive witch doctors experimenting with inoculation by rubbing the pus from the diseased into scratches on the body of the well, we intolerantly laughed at their stupidity.

These witch doctors did not have knowledge about physiology to understand that nature does not produce health by contaminating the blood stream with filth. Ah, those of us ordinary people whom Kissinger and his ilk term "useless eaters". The national program of swine flu injections was hardly under way before alarming "rumors" of sudden death and of terrible side effects such as various forms of paralysis began to alarm the American people.

Kissinger, digging for his next meal. And yes, he DID!!!! After some weeks, during which the officials desperately tried to complete their announced goal of inoculating every person in America with this poison, they finally admitted that "one or two" people had collapsed and died of acute heart failure after having been administered the poison.

In the ensuing weeks, this figure continued to be revised upward until the officials admitted that just over two hundred persons had died after being injected with the vaccine.

The actual figure, which has never been released from Washington, is sixteen hundred persons who died immediately after being injected. Despite these casualties, the officials continued the program of injection until Dec.

In the crucial period when the officials refused to abandon their program of mass murder by injection, one public health official in Pennsylvania, a bearded hippie type with the accepted "Mad Commissar" appearance which is now de rigueur for the members of our Marxist bureaucracy, made his contention on national television that the victims "would have died anyway".

The cynicism of this statement would have done credit to the commandant of any Soviet death camp in Siberia. The American public has been led to believe that the swine flu massacre was a bipartisan political effort, as leaders of both the Democratic and the Republican parties joined in the campaign to herd the victims to the death offices of the "health" officials. Some supposed that it was merely another "big money" deal perpetrated by the Zionist biological parasites in their unceasing efforts to find new ways to milk their unprotesting host people.

The real story behind the swine flu murders is one of genocide and of a slow-acting poison which may take years after the injection to bring on death by cancer or heart failure. This story begins in the ironically named federal Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia yes, the same city which produced our present leader.

To this day, there has never been a single case of "swine flu" positively identified in any person in the United States! To trigger their demand for a national campaign of inoculating their new poison, the scientists claimed that a young soldier at Ft.

Dix, New Jersey, had died of the "swine flu". Now this disease was ready to ravage the entire population of the United States, with a projected death toll of from sixty to one hundred million victims! The scientists claimed that this disaster could only be avoided by the inoculation of everyone in the United States. The young soldier at Ft. Dix had been suffering from exhaustion after a forced march.

He was given some sort of injection, probably the swine flu vaccine, and then died. This death was then claimed as the "first victim" of swine flu. For many years, some of our young soldiers, as well as many political prisoners in our prisons, have been subjected to "medical experiments" by mad scientists of the type which the Jews claim were carried out by the Nazis. Although thousands of pages of testimony was taken down at the Nuremberg Trials from Jews who claimed to have been the subjects of the Nazi experiments, their sole purpose in testifying to these "atrocities" was to lay claim to lifelong payments of benefits, which they have subsequently collected from the captive German people.

In the United States, thousands of victims of these medical experiments have never been able to collect anything, including the family of the young soldier at Ft. Nevertheless his death set off an overwhelming national "demand" for an immediate swine flu vaccine program. The press, as usual, was only too glad to cooperate in this atrocity. Every public health official in the United States leaped into the campaign with their knee jerk conditioned reflex as soon as they received their orders from Moscow-on-the-Potomac.

The campaign was given its final blessing by the less than regal figure of the then President of the United States, Gerald Ford. The fact that he was condemning hundreds of American citizens to death bothered him not for a moment, but retribution came in the public fear and dismay created by the revelations of the many deaths of the swine flu campaign.

This fear provided the last straw which sent the delicate balance of an undecided electorate tipping over to Jimmy Carter. One of his principal aides, who later disappeared amidst revelations of bad checks and fraudulent deals, publicly said, "We would never have made it without the swine flu victims". And does this explain the desire of the Jewish television industry to pay off Gerald Ford with millions of dollars for the story of his life as a "public servant", which of course will exclude all mention of the swine flu massacre, the years in which he lived in luxury in Washington on five dollars a week, or his malfunctioning nervous system which caused him to fall on his face when he has nothing to hold onto?

To this day, no one has commented on the fact that all of the victims of the swine flu massacre were elderly white Americans. Apparently the Negroes received some warning against taking the injections, because the technicians reported that in Negro neighborhoods, they found practically no one willing to take the shots.

Any and all methods of healing the sick by means of safe, simple and natural remedies are sure to be assailed and denounced by the leaders of the AMA as fakes, frauds and humbugs. Hodge, Niagara Falls It is now obvious that the swine flu massacre was a dress rehearsal for a mass "elimination" program of "non-productive" citizens, those elderly white people, who, having worked forty or fifty years, might now expect some leisure in their Golden Years. A crucial aspect of this extermination campaign is the frantic national press demand for the Right to Die and for death with dignity.

This campaign is intended for the thousands of elderly white people in hospitals and nursing homes staffed by Jewish doctors and gentile nurses. Forms have been prepared which state that these people have refused any further care and that they "wish to die". Whether they sign or not, we may be certain that after their elimination, there will be produced for each victim a properly signed and witnessed form attesting to their willingness to die, another factor in the nightmare world of Jewish Marxism in We have stated that every public health official in the United States ritually declared himself in favor of the great swine flu massacre, as though the order had come down from the Great Stalin himself.

However, in this sorry melange of bloodthirsty Marxist maniacs who have devoted their lives to the massacre of their fellow citizens, one white patriot emerged. He was the famed microbiologist J. Anthony Morris , the leading expert on viral diseases at the National Institute of Health in Washington Parade, Tony Morris Despite his eminence in his field, Morris remained on a modest salary because he had never made the proper overtures to the big drug dealers, nor did he wish to.

For more than twenty years, he had been attempting to warn the American people about the dangers of the vaccines endorsed by the public health officials. He had discovered, after years of patient research, that there is NO WAY to measure or control the potency of any batch of vaccine. Any given batch might be a hundred times more potent than the next batch, with possibly fatal results to the person to whom it would be administered. To this day, the federal government has methodically suppressed this information.

One of the purposes of the swine flu campaign was to provide computer input data on variations in the potency of the vaccine, and to project probable fatalities in future use of swine flu campaigns. The insurance industry had paid some officials for information on the swine flu vaccine, and with this factual material on its dangers, they refused to provide any insurance coverage on its use!

It is difficult for the layman to realize that the insurance industry, which is in the business of taking risks, would decide that any substance was so dangerous that it would offer no coverage on its use, or that federal officials after seeing the insurance industry refuse to provide any coverage, would still insist on its being administered to the entire population of the United States! Morris proved that the vaccine produced NO antibodies in the system and therefore it was worthless as a a vaccine.

In fact, it was biologically impossible to produce a vaccine composed of dead "swine flu virus" when no such virus existed! Continuing his research on the vaccine, J.

The victims who had been exhorted by the federal officials to take the vaccine actually were exposing themselves to even worse effects of the flu.

He later said, "There is a close tie between government scientists and manufacturing scientists. And I was hurting the market for flu vaccine. Morris was now relieved of his official title as influenza control officer. His research material was hauled away and disposed of and thousands of test animals on which he had proven his results were destroyed. However, Morris still continued his desperate struggle to save the American people from this disaster.

He warned that public use of the swine flu vaccine would result in serious neurological damage. Since then, hundreds of people who took the injection have been afflicted with a form of paralysis called the "Guillain-Barre syndrome", a rare disease which had been almost unknown in the United States.

Federal officials then released "studies" of the victims claiming that most of them had not taken the swine flu vaccine! Subsequent lawsuits by some of the victims revealed that these "studies" were entirely fictitious! They had been invented by the federal officials. His researches proved that the swine flu vaccine was carcinogenic! It had caused cancer in his test animals.

This meant that every person who took this vaccine faced the strong probability that at some later stage, he would develop a malignant cancer somewhere in his system. The people who had had the injections and who were now congratulating themselves that they had not had a heart attack or that they had not been paralyzed by the Guillain-Barre syndrome now faced the danger of a future death by cancer. At this revelation, the National Institute of Health fired Morris for "insubordination.

The subsequent history on this patriot is a sad commentary on the plight of a public-spirited man. Penniless and unemployed, he has found it almost impossible to sue the entrenched Marxist bureaucrats. The millions of Americans whom he fought to save have not one dollar to contribute to him in his plight, as all their savings will go to doctors to fight the paralysis and cancer induced by the vaccine which he fought to ban.

A group of elderly white American ex-soldiers had gathered for a reunion at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia. Some Jews needed the famous old hotel to put together a "package" for a new real estate development. What better way than to drive it into bankruptcy by a fatal disease among its patrons? A Negro employee of the hotel, a charter member of the Communist Party in Pennsylvania, agreed to test a new "crowd control" weapon developed by the mad scientists in Atlanta.

A batch was sent to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds nearby, where it was picked up by the Negro. It was decided to test the weapon on the Legionnaires for a reason which many will find incredible, and which dates back some thirty years.

In the late s, a few World War One veterans attempted to turn their local American Legion chapters into active anti-Communist organizations.


Murder by Injection by Eustace Mullins

Can you explain why. Your oridnary bread and butter pablum of socialism is not for me—no special grind of social engineering fits my better half. My own drummer leads me alone down the path of genuine republicanism. Do a little research and you might comprehend the vicious cycle of wealth, gun powder and global explortation behind the scenes of Russia and Amrican political whoredom. In , Cecil Rhodes, billionaire, sat up the Pilgrim Society. This secret organization is still in existence under present day organizational variations. And it exists today.


Murder by Injection

Life[ edit ] Letter from Eustace Mullins to J. His father was a salesman in a retail clothing store. Pound was at the time incarcerated in St. Mullins visited the poet frequently, and for a time acted as his secretary.

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