Shed held it in check when the blond guy had shown up, as she tried to decide exactly what his role was, his surfer-boy hair and the lollipop stick between his lips somehow making him seem less threatening. Talk about irony. Roxy Tam is a Daughter of Aset, member of the Asetian guard, and kick ass warrior with a definite attitude. So when I learned that Ms. Silver had recently updated the books and was rereleasing the series, I was like: I had so much fun reading this one again, checking out the changes and new material, and enjoying the trip down memory lane. He ends up saving her life and inadvertently sets her upon a whole new and unexpected path.

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That sealed the deal. Too young. She was far too young for him. And mortal, to boot. They were too…human. There were more than enough female genies and demigods in the Underworld to choose from if he needed to scratch an itch.

Ready to fight. Whatever it took. And beauty. He found the combination appealing. And a half. He set his teeth against the lollipop, sheared off a shard of candy and ground it between his molars. And white boy. With reason.

He took the lollipop from his mouth, studied her for a second, then popped the candy back in and used his tongue to push it off to one side. She held perfectly still, only her eyes moving as she tracked his actions.

No one was coming. No one but him. Which was unfortunate for her. I think the asshole who tied me up will call dibs. Dagan had no intention of letting the bastard touch her. Her soul was bright as a xenon arc lamp. Sutekh would cough it up like a hairball. Almost made him believe it. More bravado. And still no tears.

Then he realized she was asking if he was telling the truth. I came for a darksoul. She had other things on her mind. Maybe you could help me with this little inconvenience first? Jerking her bound hands up, she separated them by the quarter inch the rope allowed and winced as it rubbed her already chaffed skin.

But the sight of her beautiful brown skin, abraded and bloody, was…unsettling. He had no reason to care about her pain. In three strides he closed the space between them. He took the rolled paper lollipop stick from between his lips, tucked it away in his pocket, then hunkered down and caught the rope in his fist.

Every muscle in her sleek frame tensed. Only watched him with those incredible eyes. Bemused, he wondered why she was all swagger and sass talking to him, but she was terrified of the human in the hallway. She had her priorities ass-backwards.

If she gave him away it would only make his job…messier. A blonde in tight jeans and stilettos sashayed into the room, shouldering the door fully open. Close behind her was a tall man, dressed all in black, greasy brown hair hanging lank to his shoulders.

Oh, thank God. He was as far from good as anyone could be, but he did have a code. He always settled his debts. His word was his law. He refused to lie. And he sure as sugar never fucked girls barely out of high school then slit their throats.

She had a hard look about her, like she knew the score and liked it that way. Turning her head, she slanted a glance toward the mattress and the girl.


Otherkin Series

Faurisar Nothing gets me like a great sibling relationship especially between brothers. Cursed with immortality, driven into a nomadic life on the fringes of society to escape those who hunt her, Amber Hale has learned the bitter lesson that she can never grow close to anyone. Overall, Sins of the Heart is a worthy read for urban fantasy fans who like some steamy romance integrated with their otherkni. Their first meeting is indescribable.




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