After the Battle Magazine. Wargame rule sets Wargames Miniature wargames. Add to watch list. Historians record that, following the destruction of the OP tanks, Wittmann dueled briefly without success with a Sherman Firefly before withdrawing. Sell now — Have one to sell?

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The advance of the 3rd Infantry Division diminished as it fought past German fortifications and was stopped short of Caen before dark, by elements of the 21st Panzer Division. On 12 June the British 7th Armoured Division passed through the gap heading for Villers-Bocage and the ridge beyond, while the US 1st and 2nd Infantry Divisions launched their own attacks in support.

Dempsey hoped that its capture would force the Panzer-Lehr Division to withdraw or be surrounded. Wittmann is standing in the turret of Tiger The battalion had an establishment of 45 Tiger I but had been reduced to about 17 serviceable tanks by an air attack near Versailles.

I set off with one tank and passed the order to the others not to retreat a single step but to hold their ground. The brigade vehicles were set on fire by machine guns and high-explosive shells, but few casualties were inflicted. The Cromwell shells had no effect and Wittmann destroyed the British tank. Dyas escaped the tank and was shot at by German infantry in houses along the street. The tank crews were studying a map with an officer at the front of the column and Werncke drove one off before the British could react.

There was one rifle section and an equal number of officers. It was decided to hold the position on the ridge until reinforcements arrived and an all round defence was organised. At around , support and reconnaissance troops of the 4th Company, st SS Heavy Panzer Battalion arrived and began to collect prisoners between the ridge and the town. Some of the British escaped and about 30 got back to British lines. The Germans shelled the trees along the road, spraying shell and wood splinters and after five minutes the troops on the ridge surrendered.

German infantry had entered the town and house-to-house fighting began. A Company was ordered back to the railway station, C Company was assigned the north-eastern edge of the town and D Company the south-eastern edge.

B Company was placed in reserve and the battalion anti-tank guns were distributed along the front line. Historian Henri Marie claims that the Tiger in the foreground was finished off by British infantry using grenades; none of the crew survived the attack.

Some Tigers were brought up and silenced the anti-tank position. The Firefly opened fire on the lead tank and missed but the anti-tank gun knocked it out. The artist has drawn the Firefly as a Covenanter tank A fifth Tiger halted on the main street short of the ambush site, apparently waiting for the British to emerge from cover.

The Tiger was spotted by the Firefly crew through the windows of a corner building. They reversed to shoot through the windows. A Cromwell advanced onto the main street and fired into the rear of the Tiger, knocking it out and then reversed back into cover. The attacks were repulsed and at Tracey-Bocage, the 11th Hussars overwhelmed a pocket of resistance. Robert Moore. Both sides called for artillery support and several British mortars and a carrier were destroyed.

Though costly to the Germans this continued until around Six Avro Lancasters are visible. A platoon was overrun and a counter-attack with tanks and infantry then forced the Germans back. The Germans subjected the box to harassing fire and attacked from two sides later in the day with artillery and tanks, which broke into the box and came close to the brigade headquarters before being repulsed.

The 22nd Armoured Brigade group suffered around men killed, wounded and missing, many of whom were taken prisoner at Point The st SS Heavy Panzer Battalion was only engaged at Villers-Bocage and Taylor gave nine men killed and ten wounded in the 1st Company and one killed and three wounded in the 2nd Company.



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Battle of Villers-Bocage


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