Kajimi Jul 7, This item is a digital download ,Gimmick not included. Many times over if you perform such an act. Jul 5, Whether you are a beginner?? It is indeed not geared for close-up performance, but could be used successfully in a parlor-type situation. The most common response is it feels heavy or tingly or both.

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One of the first precepts that I was taught was that the performer, who purports to read minds, should look, act, and perform as if he could really read minds. Moreover he should use no props. Chet firmly believed that each time you picked up a prop, you lowered your fee. I have never found any reason to disagree with this philosophy. Eight or ten years ago, I decided to carry this to what seemed the next logical step.

That was to perform Mentalism without the use of any ostensible gimmicks? That there was no way that any one, even if familiar with the principles, could totally expose the method. I felt that certain areas of Mentalism already familiar to most of us, but in little use, were the path to take. Supernormal Stunts had been relegated to the status of party games until revived by Uri Geller. Although Hypnosis has achieved great success as an entertainment mode, it was rarely used in any disguised form.

Having grown up in a time when Radio was a major form of entertainment, it has had a profound influence on my life. This is what I felt Mentalism should be, a theatrical performance created in the mind of the audience by the mind of the performer. In the past, many performers did programs of Mentalism and Hypnosis, but there was always a dear demarcation of where one began and the other ended.

No one had, to my knowledge, ever blended waking hypnosis with Mentalism. I was wrong. In ordering a manuscript through the P. It was too simple. Upon trying the effect, I was pleasantly proven wrong. Not only did it work, it worked even better than the description. Here at last was a method of presenting a hypnosis demonstration without calling it hypnosis. Without inducing any so called trance.

Adhering to my original premise of minimal props and having seen both Bob Cassidy and Ross Johnson use pre-show work extremely effectively, I decided to combine the two concepts. While this total presentation cannot fit into all situations; it is flexible enough to cover most situations.

Explaining that anyone can read minds, that it depends on various scientific principles involving imagination and alteration of consciousness. Performer demonstrates various exercises in imagination. He then projects various thoughts to the audience with surprisingly good results. Commenting that this is an extremely empathic audience and he would like to take the experiment a step further. Singling out one or two individual members of the audience; he calls them on stage and proceeds not only to control their physical responses and actions, but reads their minds as well.

The three basic principles are: pre-show preparation, psychological forces and waking hypnosis. Assuming conditions permit, 15 or 20 minutes before the show either you or a member of your staff approach members of the audience.

They are asked if they would like to participate in the ESP demonstration that will take place a little later. If this is in a bar or hotel restaurant, I usually ask first if they are planning to stay for the show later on. If they are not planning to stay, I bid them enjoyment and take my leave. Assuming I have found someone who plans to stay, I politely inquire if they would like to participate in some experiments in Psychic Phenomenon that will be taking place later on. I would rather meet rejection now than on stage.

Is it too obvious a thing to say that I studiously avoid drunks and challengers and other people who I feel will give me a hard time!! Using your favourite method, obtain information that you will feed back later during your performance. Currently, I am using primarily a billet switch and the Magi move as well as the one hand center tear.

I try to vary my methods as I work through the audience. I use the aforementioned methods in preference to impression devices because, I prefer to look at original material rather than copies, but any fast simple method will suffice. Another point, in what lies ahead; you will be relying very heavily on the suggestibility of the people you are working with. It is probably a good idea to use some sort of suggestibility test with the people you set up before the show. I find that a pendulum is probably the best method for accomplishing this end.

If you hold the pendulum chain between your fingers, and imagine the pendulum swinging in a particular direction, IMR will move the pendulum in that direction. On occasions when I have explained the way the pendulum works to civilians, some have refused to believe it and prefer to ascribe some occult function to the pendulums operation. Incidentally, pendulums fall under the general categories of Radiesthesia or Dowsing.

While it has little to do with the working of the pendulum, the Metaphysical principles he discussed are fascinating. For applications more related to our art, Bruce Bernstein wrote a book a few years ago published by Magic Inc.

You will find that you will get some pendulum response with nearly everyone you try it with. Those of you familiar with hypnosis, will know that the greater the pendulum response the more suggestible the subject. Since the act you will be doing relies heavily on suggestibility, it follows as Day follows Doris that you pick the most suggestible subjects for use on stage.

I usually get three to five bits of information before the show from three to five different people. All you really need for a twelve to fifteen minute act is one good subject.

You are now ready to proceed with the act itself. The Introduction I cannot emphasize too strongly as to the importance of the introduction in this type of presentation. It is extremely important that you be taken seriously. You must create the impression that you are a genuine psychic. So, if Wink Martindale is your hero, stop reading at this point. I will briefly outline the type of introduction and opening that I use to build the proper mood.

I understand that this will have to be tailored to your own individual personality and performing style, so I will only give the bare bones. I explain that recent studies have shown that nearly every one possesses some degree of Extra Sensory Ability or Intuition. The better a person is able to visualize and imagine, the more their Undeveloped Sensory Perception is released. I then take them through various exercises in imagination. These exercises are basically Hypnosis Suggestibility tests.

Noting the audience response to these tests, I then call on one of the only fairly suggestible subjects that I worked with before the show. I ask them to stand at their seat and proceed to read their mind. Explaining to the audience that any one of them could do the same, I show how they can read my mind. What I use here eighty per cent of the time is psychological forces. If you mail me the manuscript together with a signed and notarized statement attesting to your ignorance, I will return the price you paid for this work.

The Queen is King In addition to some of the more common psychological forces, I have found the three most commonly thought of playing cards playing cards? The most common thought of word is the word love. After some comments on how well the audience did in perceiving your thoughts, you locate the person in the audience that responded the least to your pendulum test.

You ask this person to stand up at their seat. Now you ask how well they did in receiving your thoughts. No matter what they say, you then proceed to read their thoughts, i. You have now established your bonafides as a mind reader and built up your credibility for the suggestion that is to follow. The Act You ask two or three of the other people who you did pre-show work with to step up to the stage.

After some brief comments on mind-to-mind communication, I usually make some references here to Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Selecting your best subject, you ask her him to face you at this point. The method that follows is my version of "Telepathy in Action". Extending my left hand out stretched; I ask them to place their right hand palm down on my palm up left hand. Pointing to my right eye with my right hand, I ask them to focus their attention right here.

When you feel my mind touch yours, nod your head. You continue, "Lift your right hand from mine. The most common response is it feels heavy or tingly or both. One that without realizing your mind will follow I will now proceed with the assumption that they are unable to lift their right hand and they are now in a waking hypnotic state.

But, remind me to get back to what to do if they are able to lift their hand. I now lift their hand to an upright position at right angles to the floor. Again, look at my right eye routine, wait for mental command. From here, I proceed with other hypnotic tests, that I am sure you are familiar with.

The association between hypnosis and a sleep like state is so strong, that rarely do the subjects themselves realize that they are hypnotized. Save the Good Stuff! After you have demonstrated one or two phenomena, remember to save some good stuff for your next subject s , you are ready to proceed with the mind reading.

Again, I have the person look at my right eye. Say now, no other word. Then bit by bit, with dramatic emphasis, reveal her grandmothers maiden name.

It should look as if you were actually reaching into her mind and are gently extracting the information. The person, who creates this mind-reading effect best, of all the performers that I have ever seen, is Max Maven.


Secrets of Mentalism

One of the first precepts that I was taught was that the performer, who purports to read minds, should look, act, and perform as if he could really read minds. Moreover he should use no props. Chet firmly believed that each time you picked up a prop, you lowered your fee. I have never found any reason to disagree with this philosophy. Eight or ten years ago, I decided to carry this to what seemed the next logical step. That was to perform Mentalism without the use of any ostensible gimmicks?


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