An item that has been used previously. Pages 26—30 describe the role of the Zhentarim in Anauroch, as they attempt to take control of the lands. It includes info on ruins, oasis, and zhentarim caravans looking for a trade route across the desert. Other offers may also be available.

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Average Rating 3 ratings The Great Desert. Where the Winds Wail. Grave of the Lost Princes. The Great Sand Sea. Not a place many sane folk in the Forgotten Realms want to visit. But there are plenty of the other sort, who come hence to find wonders both beautiful and dangerous. The deadly, shifting sands of Anauroch hide-and occasionally, tantalizingly reveal-the riches and strange treasures of The Lost Kingdoms, swallowed long ago.

The legendary wealth of The Cities of Gold lies somewhere in its sandy depths. Evil crawling magic whose counterspells have been long forgotten, whose death slumbers lightly, ever-ready to awaken and strike down the unwary intruder. In the pages of this sourcebook, Anauroch comes to life. Its dark, innermost secrets are revealed, and the colorful cultures of the Bedine-and beings far worse-are explored. This guide to the most important "forgotten" land of the Forgotten Realms present new rules galore: new spells, new adventures, new monsters-and much, much more.

It was released in November Troy Denning was the one who actually got the ball rolling on Anauroch with his novel, The Parched Sea , which was also the first novel in the Harpers series Continuing the "FR" Sourcebooks. The majority of the "FR" supplements were geographic splatbooks the described specific regions of the Forgotten Realms.

FR "Anauroch" was thus back to basics. Expanding the Realms. Ed Greenwood originally created Anauroch as "a big impassable zone" meant to separate the Sword Coast from the Inner Sea. It helped to limit trade to a single artery south of the Anauroch, a region that Jeff Grubb dubbed the Heartlands. Thanks to this cold, the scant moisture, and the awful magic of the Phaerimm, Anauroch was to be largely devoid of life.

The published Anauroch is thus a compromise, with warmer deserts in the south and bare rock and ice in the north. There are a lot of deserts in the Realms, covered in a variety of sourcebooks. It appeared in I Desert of Desolation The Anauroch Desert lies north of both of those areas. One more desert land appeared later, in Al-Qadim: Arabian Adventures Future History. Soon afterward, however, material on this region began to focus on the Netheril Empire that had dwelt there long before.

That began with Netheril: Empire of Magic Then the "Return of the Archwizards" novel trilogy totally revamped the region, bringing the Netherese into the modern day. About the Creators. Greenwood was of course the creator of the Forgotten Realms. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to shannon. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased.


Anauroch (sourcebook)

Contents[ edit ] The page booklet is wrapped in a removable cover. The book includes a one-page introduction, Anauroch, the Great Desert, explaining that this book covers Anauroch , a vast fictional desert between the Sword Coast North, and the Moonsea North. Pages 4—6 present a whirlwind tour of Anauroch, including settlements of the local peoples, and important oases and trade routes. Pages 7—9 detail the secret of Anauroch; that thousands of years ago it was once a glacier that became swallowed up by the howling sands. Pages 10—24 detail the society of the Bedine, the native people of Anauroch. Page 25 details the phaerimm, slave rulers of the lands. Pages 26—30 describe the role of the Zhentarim in Anauroch, as they attempt to take control of the lands.







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