Large screen. Endless expansion. This 3rd generation X ultra rugged notebook remains our flagship model. By combining powerful Intel 7th generation Quad-Core processors with a brilliant

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The new X ultra rugged computer remains our flagship model. By combining powerful 7th generation quad-core processors with a brilliant Register Interest. Larger High-Definition Display. The X features a massive Sunlight-Readable Display.

Next Generation Processors. With a state-of-the-art 2. Turbo Boost. When you run a processor-intensive application on the X, the processor frequency in the active cores will dynamically increase up to 3. Every Getac X includes Hyper-Threading allowing you to run demanding applications simultaneously while maintaining system responsiveness. With Hyper-Threading, the X keeps the system more secure, efficient, and manageable while minimizing impact on productivity.

The X offers an expansion chassis that truly distinguishes itself from other rugged notebooks. RAID Storage. Easy Access to Protected Connections and Ports. With four USB 3. Left Side. Right Side. Only Getac manufactures rugged computers down to the chassis. Built from high quality magnesium alloy, the X features four main casings specifically engineered to protect the computer against drops, shocks, spills, vibration and more. The sealed design of the X protects it against dust and moisture.

Getac is one of the largest manufacturers of magnesium alloy computer chassis in the world. Our expertise in manufacturing the housing itself provides key insight into how to make them stronger. Sealed doors and ports provide an ingress protection against dust, moisture and water, allowing the X to be certified to an IP65 rating. Accidents can take your equipment out of service when you least expect it, especially in a rugged environment, which can cause costly equipment downtime.

That is why Getac has introduced accidental damage as standard under our new Bumper-to-Bumper warranty, to help minimize your enterprise IT costs. That means you can depend on us to have your unit back in service within days.


Getac X500

Using the Getac A, the company has achieved wide-ranging digitization of its production processes, significantly increasing efficiency and allowing greater flexibility in day-to-day operations. The use of the tablets has also proved to be extremely user-friendly. By making it possible for employees to take photographs or record videos directly on site, any potential difficulties occurring on the production line can be documented and distributed in real-time, ensuring they are resolved as quickly as possible. This way we can ensure continuous compliance to the latest quality standards. New opportunities have opened up for our employees to extend their level of competence and media usage, which is a key factor for us in developing the digital factory of the future. Getac was established in as a joint venture with GE Aerospace to supply defense electronic products. A complete multi-layer security solution takes full advantage of advanced Windows 10 security and multifactor authentication options, while a hot swappable battery design, ultra-rugged construction, and an unprecedented 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty place the Getac X and X Server among the most powerful, mobile and rugged solutions available.


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Its availability means that special purpose functionality that is simply not available in standard notebooks can easily be integrated into the Getac X These are ultra-modern 14nm quad core standard voltage designs. Compared to the first-gen processors in the initial X version and the 4th gen chips in the second, the new chips in these updated machines offer greater performance, much better graphics performance, and much better power conservation features. What does "discrete graphics" mean? It means having a powerful separate graphics subsystem instead of just the graphics integrated into the the CPU. Wireless On the wireless side you get Battery power Since the X packs a significant punch with its standard voltage Core processors, big display, and numerous hardware features, it needs a battery large enough to offer acceptable battery life whenever the big unit is away from an outlet.



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