October 13, print Introduction — Gochara means Transit. However it have great impact in timing events. However here I want to put a point — Transit works as a catalyst not a game changer. Other lagnas can be included which will be exposed in another section.

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Out of these, Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets called Chhaya Grahas. The apparent paths of planets are contained within a celestial belt called Zodiac.

The apparent path of Sun is called the ecliptic that is Centre Line of the Zodiac. When Moon revolves round the Earth during its motion through the zodiac, it cuts the ecliptic at two points, which arc called nodal points. Over these points the shadow of our earth falls and produces peculiar malefic effects. Hence these arc accepted as planets in Astrology.

Now we will outline the details of various attributes or significations of these planets to enable us to predict, based on these. Sun-Father, soul, medicine and medicinal treatment, science, politics, help from government, governmental status, fame, honour, courage, mental strength, valour, health, longevity, electricity, right eye etc. In radical Horoscope Sun gives benefic results in 3, 6, 10 and 11th houses from Lagna.

At the same time, if other planets are placed in 12th, 6th, 4th and 5th houses, he will not give benefic results. Sun docs not suffer Vedha due to Saturn. Sun is bad in 12th, 6th, 4th, and 5th house in birth 4 horoscope, if at the same time other planets arc in 3rd, 6th, lOth and 11th houses, the bad results get nullified. This is VJ. Sun is strong during mid-noon and in the lOth house as well as during his Northern course. The good or bad effects of Sun will reflect in life of individuals from 22nd to 24th year.

In transit, Sun gives good or bad results five days earlier to the day of entry into a new Rasi in Transit. Moon-Mother, feelings, sleep, good finance, comfort through vehicles, female and benefit from them, long travels, good smell, glow of the face, sharp intellect, beauty, long life, left eye etc.

When Moon is placed in 1, 3, 6, 7, 10 and 11th houses from Lagna in radical horoscopes, he gives good results. Jataka Vedha houses are 5th, 9th, 12th, 2nd, 4th and 8th houses. Similarly Viloma Vedha should be understood as in the case of Sun. Moon is strong during Dakshinayana, in 4th house, during night. He gives good or bad effects from the age 24 to 26 and one hour twelve minutes earlier to his entry to a new Rasi. He is also strong when he approaches the end ofRasi.

Poorna Chandra is benefic while Ksheena Chandra is malefic. It also denotes urgent desires, opposition and cousins. Mars gives good results in 3rd, 6th and 11th places from Lagna. Conversely, Viloma Vedha positions should be understood. He gives the results of a Rasi 8 days before entering a new Rasi and his results between the 28th to 32nd years of age.

Mercury-Keen intellect, heavy reading habit, inquisitiveness to know everything, eloquence in speech, clever, well educated, arguing, well versed in astrology, writing, publishing, mathematics, computer education, orators, editors, auditors, secretaries, postman, brain, diplomacy, planning capacity, politics, capability, maternal uncle, friends, philosophy, wit, dance, drama, and professions pertaining to such things, sprouting trees, plants, gemmology, white magic, nephew, maternal uncle etc.

Mercury gives good results in 5th, 3rd, 6th, 1st, 9th and 12th houses and Jataka Vedha in 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 9th and 11th places. Opposite to above are Viloma Vedha places. Mercury is strong in his own Rasi, navamsa, in his week day, in Sagittarius and in Uttarayana. He starts giving results 7 days before his entry into a new Rasi. He is also strong in lOth and 7th Houses. Jupiter-High standards of life, wealth, riches, birth of children, happiness, knowledge, intellect, good qualities, advising, ministers, religions and connected things, dharma judiciary , honours, status, knowledge of Vedas, indulging in good acts, fatness of the body and its development, philosophy, love, affection, respect, male progeny, preachers, religious heads, Moulvees, Christian Fathers, fruits, fiuit yielding trees, astrology, elder brother, sister, honour and titles received from government, national awards, friends, justice, straight-forwardness, managerial capability, lecturer, principals of colleges, vice-chancellors, legal experts, fortunes, husband in a female horoscope, discrimination, expertise in various branches and high status.

He also indicates Judges, Advocates, spiritual thinking, health, broad-mindedness, following right path, working for establishing Justice, sober nature, political 6 diplomacy, engaged in family priest work, the respect that wife has for her husband, wealth, purity, control over senses, grandchildren, diseases pertaining to Gulma, Sleshma, etc. Jupiter gives good results in 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th houses. At the same time, if other planets are placed in 12th, 4th, 3rd, lOth and 8th places, the good results are cancelled.

He gives good results also in his own vargas, his week days, during Uttarayana and during dawn and twilight sandhyas. He is also strong when he is in Lagna. Jupiter does not give good results when he is retrograde, Athichari or combust. He gives good results in the stars Utharashada Punarvasu, Utharabhadrapada, and Vishaka. He gives bad results when he passes through Aridra, Sathabisha, Hastha and swathi. He gives full results when he is in mid-Rasi. He gives results two months before entry into a new Rasi.

He takes one year to transit a full sign and gives good results in the middle two months of the year. Venus-Wealth, vehicles, textile, dress, jewels, females and sex pleasure enjoyed with them, marriages, sensual pleasures, perfumes, luxuries, independent business without partnership, gains thereof, Veerya or shukra in females, sex pursuits, flowers, selling and buying them, cows, water, resources, white colour, sex organs, the professions pertaining to film industry, dance, drama, textile, perfumes, business relating to females, music, catering, hotel, honour, respect, honorary titles, status, high standard, pleasures, foreign pleasure tours, tasty food, drinks, the spring season, theatres, studios, bedrooms, keen intellect and keen knowledge, poets and poetry, literature, epics and capability in composing musical pieces, tendency to help others, work of personal secretaries, receptionists etc.

Professions are photography, make up, beauty parlours and connected profession, underground wealth, winning lottery, speculation, as well as receipt of sudden wealth. He gives good results in his Vargas, Rasi, his exaltation Rasi. He gives good and bad results in 6th houses. He gives bad results in 7th house. He gives good results in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 11th and 12th houses and Jataka Vedha positions are 8th, 7th, 1st, lOth, 9th, 5th, 11th, 3rd and 6th.

Viloma Vedha should also be similarly seen. But the bad results in his own stars will be less compared to those in other stars.

He is especially strong in the Rasi Libra. If he is placed in kendra in a horoscope he is said to remove crorcs of Dosh He gives results from 25th to 28th years age, 7 days before his entry into new Rasi. He gives good results when he is in the middle of the Rasi. He is strong in 4th Bhava in a chart. He is also strong in spring. He makes the native attractive, beautiful and delicate with well proportioned limbs, which always provokes sexual instincts. Slavery, steel, iron and iron connected items, black coloured items, machines, workshop, head of industry, beggars, earning through begging, unending difficulties and sorrows, rotten and spoiled eatables.

Places dumped with soiled wastes, latrines, places where eaten leftovers arc thrown, abandoned houses, danger, accident, mental- agony, spoiled character, unjust behaviour, concubine, cruel mindedncs. Judiciary, position of judges, penance, fasting, post-death rituals, eating food on these occasions, courage, laziness, slowing, transports expenses and low strata of employment. Saturn is good in 3rd, 6th and 11th houses, from Moon and Jataka Vedha are in 12, 9 and 5th houses.

Conversely, if Saturn is in later houses and other planets are in former set of houses, the bad results of Saturn in the later set of houses will be cancelled. Saturn gives suffering in houses other than 3, 6 and the 11th, as Ashtama Sani, Ardhashtama. Sani, SadesathiSani and in many other ways. He is strong in 7th house.

He gives good results in Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra Rasis. He is also strong at the end of a Rasi in his week day, in his own vargas, during Krishna Paksha etc. He gives his own result from 30 to 42nd years of age and 6 months before his entry into a new Rasi. Rahu-Paternal grandfather, false arguments, bonding, restlessness, foreigners, very low caste people, wondering speech, smokes, snake bite, dreams, wicked thoughts, widows, swellings in body, empires, states, philosophy, divine thinking, poison, undiagnosable disease, leprosy, black decolouring, skin disease, pilgrimage to holy places, all rituals and work of black magic, ripe knowledge of politics, high status, name and fame, gives both benefic and malefic results, life, smuggling, speculation, gambling.

Muslim community, Arabic, Persian, Parsi, Urdu, and such other foreign languages, conspiracies, foul play, gorilla war etc In Kaliyuga he gives instant results. Servants, slaves, laziness, sharp intellect, butchery, working on stones breaking gravels, stones etc, but not sculpture , glass, infertile barren land, dried green leaves and wood, Garuda Vidya, snake charming, excess and unlimited bodily strength, brute courage, wicked happenings, conspiracies, all destructive works like bomb blasting, poisoning somebody, conspiracy in politics, food poisoning through black magic, religious rites and performance, leather, other mean activities, cement, mustard seeds, mustard oil, rotten goods, vegetables, leather-tanning, sharp piercing knives, unnatural dreams etc.

Which ever Bhava he stays, he spoils that bhava but gives the best results of the lord of that bhava. If he is alone, he has to be considered to be placed in Swakshethra in his own place for consideration of Dasa Bukthis. He gives benefic result in stars Aridra, Swathi and Sathabhisha, which are his stars.

He is strong in first bhava. He starts to gives result 3 months before entry into a new Rasi in transit. He is responsible for various rogas or illnesses and also gives cures for them. He is strong in 7th Bhava. He is strong in Vrischika and Meena Rasis. He also gives good or benefic results when he is placed in Mithuna, Dhanus, Kanya, Makara, Meena and in star Aswini, Magha and Moola which are his own stars.

Some scholars take Ketu as a complete benefic planet. He gives results 3 months before his entry into a new Rasi. Table-1 Abstract Significations of Planets S. Subject Sun Moon Mars Mercury 1. Gender Male Ferrnle Male Hermaphrodite 3. Colour Red 4. Direction East Northwest South North 9. Element Agni Water Agni Earth 10


Book. Gochar Phaladeepika - Dr. U.S. Pulippani

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