Taurg His name was Amoghavajra, he was a translator into Chinese, and he lists eighteen texts in Chinese, and Guhyasamaja was one of them it was translated into Chinese. May the glorious Dharma Speech, whose nature is the indestructible Three Vajras, Vajra Speech, grant me today his blessing; may tanttra Buddhas who dwell in the ten directions, whose nature is the indestructible Three Vajras, the Vajras of Speech, grant me today their blessing. One group is indicative of the white, one of the red, one of the black. Member feedback about Mahamudra: Mahayana Buddhists teach that enlightenment can be attained in a single lifetime, and this can be ac Its main tantric practices reportedly include those of Kalachakra, Yamantaka, Chakrasamvara, Guhyasamaja, and Vajrakilaya.

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Arashilrajas At the energy-channel of my right shoulder and of the nature of it is a HUM, which transforms into a black Achala with a Vairochana crowning his head. And then you imagine arising in a full form as a substitute for taking rebirth, which will then be like attaining a Nirmanakaya.

Within there are thirty-one variegated lotus seats, on top of which the main deity and the ten wrathful ones have a sun seat; those in the Eastern direction such as Vairochana have a moon seat; Mamaki has a vajra seat; those in the South except for her are on a jewel seat; those in the West are on a red lotus seat and those in the Northern direction are on a crossed vajra seat.

Please do not gihyasamaja without permission. Guhyasamaja Sadhana Download Report. Guhyasamaja Sadhana — PDF Free Download OM AH all beings of the three times and world spheres of the ten directions are includedfully in the void sphere of all things in which everything abides in a union of dependentarising in which atomic mandalas, infinite guhyaswmaja oceans of clouds throughout the infinitude of space, interpenetrate one another.

I go for refuge to the host of arya bodhisattvas who are masters over ordinary beings of discipline, who abide on the bodhisattva stages such as the Joyous One and so forth, are endowed with a glory of guhyaaamaja incited by supreme compassion, and who become purely freed from the portion of fetters to be abandoned on each stage as they progress.

So anybody who has that type of revelation or understanding is receiving this from Buddha Vajradhara, because Buddha Vajradhara is not a historical figure from our objective Western point of safhana of history. Translation of one of the Guhyasamaja Commentaries by Nagarjuna: Complete stage rdzogs-rim by the way, the second stage, sometimes people translate it [ rdzogs ] as completion. My Background in Guhyasamaja Arrow down Arrow up Let me begin guhyaasamaja telling you a little bit of the history of my own involvement with it.

To Kn-chog gya-tso, you have reached perfection in insight; at your feet Kn-chog yarpel, holder of a treasury of whispered teachings; to supreme Nga-wang tzn-dr with knowledge of the five fields of learning; to you three masters of scriptural guhjasamaja insight teachings I make requests.

The consciousness of my mind is the mountain antelopes. Welcome to Guhyasamaja. They enter my mouth, pass through the path of my vajra-organ and melt into the mothers sadnana as eleven drops which become eleven long vowelled HUMs.

May all sentient beings abide in joy, and never be parted from a higher rebirth and liberations excellent bliss. In the prime of their youth, they enjoy the pleasures of the five desirable sensory objects.

From their natural abodes, father and mother buddhas, in order to tame sentient beings, produce Akshobhyas from the bodhichitta of their sitting in union. You have fully comprehended all the sutras and tantras without exception, have attained full stability on the development stage and have directly seen the mandalas and hosts of deities. It has tremendous detail about how to work with the energy-winds within the chakras and channels, and so on, saddhana order to get down to the subtlest level, and it has great detail about how you transform or get the subtlest level of wind or energy that is the mount of the clear-light mind — how you get that to appear in the form of illusory body, which will eventually then become a Form Body of a Buddha.

So these three appearances — sometimes called white appearance, red appearance, and black appearance — are the subtlest level of conceptual minds, and the names are given in reference to the dissolution process:. To consider phenomena as totally non-existent is not meditation. From these are emitted hosts of Lochanas filling all of space.

In the Southwest is blue Mamaki. O buddhas seated in the ten directions, I who am meditating on the one who is the inseparability of the three vajras request you to grant me your blessings now for vajraspeech. One of the main things that we find there is sadhnaa detail about what is the central practice of anuttarayoga tantra, which is the transformation of death, bardo, and rebirth. No, because you are in something which is similar to this black appearance without mindfulness.

He has three faces yellow, black and white and six arms the right hands holding a gem, vajra and wheel, the left with a bell, yellow lotus, and sword. You have fully comprehended all the meanings of the words of the sutras and tantras and uphold the banner of the unsetting teachings of the buddhas.

Encircled in mandala-haloes of radiant light, they sit in the vajra-position. In my heart on a variegated lotus and moon-disc is a wisdom-being, red in color, with one face and two arms holding vajra and bell and embracing a wisdom-consort similar to himself. This transforms into blue Sparshavajra with an Akshobhya adorning the crown of her head.

You find it in many other tantra systems as well. This is nicely explained in Kalachakra. Enough about that topic. The five color lights form into blue vajra, white dharmachakra, red lotus, green sword and yellow jewel. In the centre of it, from an OM comes a moon mandala. You have to have a primitive concept of the action of eating in order for each instance to arise of an urge to eat. You have a youthful body unstained by such faults as desire and have become the head of all the Mantra-holders through the unfathomable force of your collection of merit and insight.

Guhyasamaja Tantra by Alex Wayman Documents. Universally occurring subtle conceptual levels of mental activity — primitive levels of conceptual activity, one of the more mysterious and fascinating aspects of the teachings on how the mind works. Because then from Indrabhuti, you get many different lineages. Then the water element, which is referring to the liquid parts of the body.

As Amoghasiddhi is crowned with Akshobhya another left arm forms holding a sword. TOP Related Posts.


What Is Guhyasamaja Practice?

This treatise, sometimes simply referred to as the Samaja Tantra but also as Tathagata Guhyaka, represents one of the root texts that were instrumental in the development of Vajrayana and belongs to the highest class of its teachings, the Anuttara Yoga Tantra. The ancient Tantra also states that - if psychic powers siddhis are to be acquired - women must always be associated with those who attempt to reach this goal. Such attainment of psychic powers and training in magic is one of the main topics of the Guhyasamaja, and some of the magic spells and rituals are clearly ancient ones in that they are also known in cultures the world over. The text also speaks of the virtues inherent in desire and sensory enjoyment, the well-being of body and mind, and of realizing the Buddha nature through the union of female and male. It differs from many later texts in not condemning male ejaculation but says that when the diamond i. We also read that the male adept, or yogi, lets his semen flow out continuously in the form of mandalas. This is also evident in works such as the Prajnopaya-viniscaya Siddhi.


Guhyasamaja Tantra Or Tathagataguhyaka

Guhyasamaja sand mandala All Buddhist teachings can be traced back to the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, who lived in India two and half thousand years ago. All the teachings are based on the Four Noble Truths the Buddha taught in the first sermon following his Enlightenment: the recognition that every living being experiences sufferings; the understanding of the causes of this sufferings; and the path or methods by which to achieve Liberation from sufferings, or full Enlightenment. The Buddhist Tantric teachings include methods for the purification of the psycho-physical components of human beings through meditation upon a pure being or deity, within a pure environment, or mandala. The deities who inhabit a mandala are not external gods; rather, they symbolize the Enlightened State, which everyone has the potential to realize. Description of the Guhyasamaja mandala The mandala, usually constructed from coloured sand particles on a horizontal base, depicts the residence of the 32 deities, of whom the principal figure is Buddha Akshobya in the form of Guhyasamaja.

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