Warranty types Warranty removed from product: This product was designated to be returned to HP. Thus, the warranty has been removed from this product. Product sold by third party: This product was sold by a third party. Any warranty support needed would be completed by the third party that sold the product. Product has been exchanged: This product has been exchanged for a new or refurbished product.

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Page 2 Bluetooth is a trademark owned by its proprietor and used by Hewlett-Packard Company under license. HP supports lawful use of technology and does not endorse or encourage the use of its products for purposes other than those permitted by copyright law. Page 3: Notational Conventions Notational Conventions The following section describes notational conventions used in this document.

Notes, Cautions, and Warnings Throughout this guide, blocks of text may be accompanied by an icon. These blocks are notes, cautions, and warnings, and they are used as follows: WARNING: Indicates that failure to follow directions could result in bodily harm or loss of life. Page 6 Removing the Cantilever Base A—1 Getting Support from hp.

A—3 Preparing to Call Technical Support A—3 Locating the Rating Label Page 7 European Union Regulatory Notice C—3 Japanese Notice C—3 Japanese Power Cord Notice C—3 Japanese Material Content Declaration C—3 Korean Notice C—4 HP Recycling Program To use a different cord, use only a power source and connection compatible with this monitor. Page Maintenance Guidelines Safety and Maintenance Guidelines Maintenance Guidelines To enhance the performance and extend the life of your monitor: Do not open your monitor cabinet or attempt to service this product yourself.

Unpack the monitor. Make sure all contents are included. Store the packing box. Turn off the computer and other attached devices. Determine whether the monitor will be desktop mounted or wall-mounted. The base hinge can spring up and cause serious injury or damage. With the monitor still in its flat, folded state, set it screen-side up on a flat surface.

Disconnect the power cable and any other cables from the monitor. Remove the monitor base. Keep the monitor panel screen down on a flat, soft area. After the base is removed, remove the rubber plug on the neck of the monitor. You will see a screw below the rubber plug and two additional screws on the panel.

Save the removed items cover, screws, and base for future use. Follow the instructions included with the mounting fixture to ensure that the monitor is safely attached.

The four-threaded mounting holes that are on the back of the panel are compliant with the VESA standard for mounting flat-panel monitors. The number and type of cables required may vary by model. Some cables and adapters are included for select models only and may be sold separately.


Hp Pavilion W2558HC Manuals



HP Pavilion w2558hc Monitor - Product Specifications



HP W2558HC, 2229H, W2228H, W2448H-HC User Manual


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