As for gas poisoning , the large increase in the figure was due to an accident involving a large number of workers. North Korea asserts that in November Ms. Arimoto and Mr. Toru Ishioka died in the same gas poisoning accident, but has provided no documents or evidence to support these claims.

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E-mail: moc. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Butane is a commonly misused volatile agent, and a cause of intoxication. We present a case, who had a syncope and persistent ventricular fibrillation during the course of resuscitation. We discussed the management of this case in the intensive care unit and the accompanying difficulties in the light of the current literature. In the case of intoxication, correct diagnosis is severely delayed in the absence of correct information about the product and the route of exposure.

Butane is such a product, commonly abused for its euphoric effect. Butane is easily obtainable in lighter refill cans and antiperspirants, and, therefore, is very popular among the youth. The patient has been resuscitated for more than 30 min and was still in ventricular fibrillation. About an hour ago, the ambulance staff was called for a worker in a gas lighter factory. The patient was unconscious and breathing agonically when they arrived at the factory. He had no history of systemic disease, previous operation, drug use or known allergy.

According to the witnesses, he was filling his pocket lighter with a butane bottle, and suddenly fell unconscious. The workers had been questioned for a possible leakage of gas, but no one confirmed this.

The patient was transported to a nearby hospital, where he was intubated. During the intubation, cardiac arrest occurred, and he was resuscitated for 20 min. Upon the restoration of spontaneous circulation, he was transferred to our hospital, with frequent cardiac arrests during the transportation. His medical history was unremarkable apart from tobacco smoking. His pupils were isocoric, myotic, and reactive to light on both sides. He was not responding to noxious stimuli Glasgow coma score was: 7.

The computerized tomography of the brain and the plain chest radiography showed mild edema [ Figure 1 ]. He was started on prophylaxis for ventricular fibrillation 0. An arterial blood gas analysis after 2 h on volume-controlled ventilation FiO2: 0.


Intoxication au gaz

The concentrations were analyzed periodically and adjustments made to maintain the predetermined concentrations. Butane — Wikipedia The thalamus, brainstem and cerebellum were preserved. Each dog was exposed butane at nominal concentrations of 0. Committee on Updating of Occupational Exposure Limits. Cerebral, renal and splenic lesions due to fetal anoxia and their relationship to malformations; pp. Acute Exposure Guideline Levels.


Les bouteilles de gaz butane sont-elles dangereuses ?



Monoxyde de carbone ; le tueur invisible


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