The Keys examine the puzzles of life and give a spiritual explanation as to why we exist in this reality. Its ultimate purpose is the advancement of humanity, with the goal of changing our orientation so that we are prepared for a higher spiritual attunement and a quantum shift that will move humanity and the earth forward into the next step in our evolution. In this process an ultimate interaction is foretold, as we discover "greater families of intelligence in the universe who share the same Higher Evolution and the same Divine Source. Additionally, The Keys describe the Divine Genetic Code within the human body that will prepare humankind for new vistas of life within the surrounding Higher Evolution, using aspects of the identical central genetic-light information for light transformation. It should be pointed out that this text was PDF not "channeled" but given to the author in direct face-to-face experience with two beings of Higher Superluminal Intelligence.

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Hurtak, Ph. He is a social scientist, futurist, remote sensing and space law specialist. Elizabeth Rauscher and Desiree Hurtak. He has two Ph. Ds, one from the University of California , and one from the University of Minnesota His M. Carl Volz. In the late s and s, he was scientific consultant for LASERTECH in Brazil which developed lasers for industrial applications and for the study of rapidly changing environmental conditions, particularly in the study of deforestation and the soil conditions in the Brazilian farmlands and throughout the Amazon.

He and The Academy For Future Science are the holders of fourteen gold and silver medal film awards for his work in bringing science and art together in the media. Allen Hynek. He is a pioneer in the area of space law, having published papers with the American Astronautical Society and the Mars Society. The Academy for Future Science, which he founded with his wife, Desiree, has helped the indigenous people in Africa and South America through their outreach of food, clothing and education and for this, Dr.

He has worked to promote clean water resources and environmental habitats using remote sensing with an understanding that time is running out for many non-renewable resources. In the capacity of an international consultant Dr. In the arts and humanities, J. Desiree Hurtak, Ph. Social scientist, futurist and co-founder with her husband Dr.

Hurtak of The Academy For Future Science, an international organization working in over fifteen countries. Desiree Hurtak is also an environmentalist and an author of several books.

Her most recent book co-authored with her husband and Dr. Desiree has worked extensively in both Egypt and Mexico. She is also an Evolutionary Leader which allows for a dynamic networking of key critical thinkers from United Nations and other major academic institutions.


The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch



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