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Links: Bailii , Bailii Ratio: A journalist was wrongly convicted himself of spreading racial hatred by quoting racists in his material. Held: Freedom of expression is one of the essential foundations of a democratic society. The safeguards to be afforded to the press are of particular importance. Not only does the press have the task of imparting such information and ideas: the public also has a right to receive them.

It is not for this court, nor for the national courts for that matter, to substitute their own views for those of the press as to what technique of reporting should be adopted by journalists. In this context the court recalls that article 10 protects not only the substance of the ideas and information expressed, but also the form in which they are conveyed.

She was a model who had proclaimed publicly that she did not take drugs, but the defendant had published a story. Cited — Connolly v Director of Public Prosecutions Admn Bailii , [] EWHC Admin , [] 1 WLR The defendant appealed against her conviction under the Act for having sent indecent or grossly offensive material through the post in the form of pictures of an aborted foetus sent to pharmacists.

She denied that they were offensive, or that she. The defendant acknowledged the need to avoid. The defendant was to be retried for rape under the Act, after an earlier acquittal. The applicant questioned whether such a order. The decision was said to. This list may be incomplete Last Update: 19 March Ref:


Jersild v Denmark: ECHR 20 Oct 1994

Arajar Would you like your child to grow up like you? The particular Circumstance of the Case A. The Court observes that the applicant still works with jersils Sunday News Magazine at Danmarks Radio and that his employer has supported him throughout the proceedings, inter alia by paying the fine see paragraphs 9 and 40 above and legal fees see paragraph 44 below. Accordingly, the findings of the Danish courts cannot be considered as giving rise to a violation of Article 10 art. List of Danish composers topic A list of notable Danish composers: It is not for this Court, nor for the national courts for that matter, to substitute their own views for those of the press as to what technique of reporting should be adopted by journalists.


Jersild v. Denmark

Email Content Attribution Policy Global Freedom of Expression is an academic initiative and therefore, we encourage you to share and republish excerpts of our content so long as they are not used for commercial purposes and you respect the following policy: Attribute Columbia Global Freedom of Expression as the source. Link to the original URL of the specific case analysis, publication, update, blog or landing page of the down loadable content you are referencing. Attribution, copyright, and license information for media used by Global Freedom of Expression is available on our Credits page. Two months later, the same outlet aired an interview with three members of the Greenjackets, conducted by Danish journalist Jens Olaf Jersild. The five-hour interview was shortened to a few minutes, throughout which the three young group members made derogatory statements about racial minorities and immigrants in Denmark and throughout the world. Accordingly, Jersild and Jensen were fined 1, and 2, Danish kroner, respectively, or, alternatively, five days imprisonment.


Jersild v Denmark, ECHR (1994)

Arashilrajas But we, we have enough problems in getting our social benefits, man, they just get it. The papers are currently publishing stories about distrust and resentment directed against minorities. Hans Engell topic Hans Engell born 8 October is a Copenhagen born Danish former politician and journalist, who until 6 September was the editor-in-chief of the tabloid Ekstra Bladet, a position he had held for seven years. When the Supreme Court has rendered judgment in a case raising important issues of principle it is customary that a member of the majority publishes a detailed and authoritative statement of the reasons for the judgment. Jersild v Denmark — Wikipedia And what must be the feelings of those whose human dignity has been attacked, or even denied, by the Greenjackets? Member feedback about Physician writer: Everyone has the right to freedom of expression.




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