And, honestly, sex in comics is often a good thing. Shame and antagonism towards sexuality in the media is a constant struggle that disenfranchises anyone in a happy, healthy sexual relationship from entering the moral majority. Positively portraying the spectrum of sex and sexuality in popular media is a fight I will gladly arm myself for. But the pendulum can swing too far in the other direction.

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Nikojas I think living in Philly has had a positive effect on the business. Some make the story happy and light. Geek of the Week: If I explained further, I would be keeping jor from experiencing the frustration of it all. Only Toto belongs to the Wicked Witch from the East, which is the reason why she is transported to Oz in the first place.

But this one definitely caught my attention. Jan 05, Carra rated it really liked it Shelves: There are truly some fun stories in the Zenescope Universe. Instead they made a more butch version of the original tin man, but this one has more to him than you might think. I picked this up for a number of reasons. Tell everyone about yourself. As befitting a comic from Zenoscope, the art is a massive amount of fanservice, both sexually and in terms of insane action.

Brusha took a popular story with well-known characters and made them all his own. The title throws me. Grimm Fairy Tales: Oz by Joe Brusha Dorothy, in particular, never seems to have quite the same face from panel to panel. I mean, I am obsessed with anything Oz, so how could I pass this up? There is a line between the celebration of sex and the gimicky, tawdry portrayal of women that Zenescope jow on their books. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Matthew Nowak rated it it was ok Mar 13, And the ending is rather spectacularly unsatisfying.

As you can brushha from the cover, the breasts of all the female characters are all out front. Some bloggers have gone on the defensive over the physical proportions of Wonder Girl, and there is definite validity to these concerns. Refresh and try again. Neverland: Hook by Joe Brusha He is a great warrior who is determined to put an end to the Wicked Witch even if he has to do it alone and perish in the process. The artwork is fairly good, but quite variable.

Amazon Bfusha Refurbished products with a warranty. It was too much and rather ridiculous to look at. Independent comics are supposed to push boundaries, break barriers, and effectively dismantle the oligarchy of mainstream publishers.

Dorothy and the witches are all drawn brusya sexpots, Toto is a huge wolf, the cowardly lion is a warrior, and the flying mon I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. TOP Related Posts.


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