Plot summary[ edit ] The Colonial Defense Forces CDF learn that one of their top consciousness transfer scientists, Charles Boutin, has turned traitor and sparked an unprecedented alliance between three other species to wipe out humanity. After the attempt seemingly fails, the soldier named Jared Dirac, after Paul Dirac becomes a private in the Special Forces and is assigned to a platoon commanded by Jane Sagan. At the end of the book, Sagan is offered retirement in order to keep her from disclosing sensitive information she received from Boutin; she accepts and retires with her future husband John Perry, adopting Zoe. The Obin proceed to sign a treaty with the CDF that ends hostilities. Universe[ edit ] All of the colonial defense forces are given genetically altered bodies with all sorts of upgrades, with the special forces getting the most. These soldiers are born into these bodies, and only through their BrainPal do they know what to do.

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A strong sci-fi book that falls short of its predecessor but manages to bring up interesting ideas about identity and choice. The audio narrator that I listened to was William Dufries and he is once again outstanding. Pros: — Fun narrative that opened up many possibilities early on. The consciousness did not take and Dirac ended up being a brand new human with his own consciousness.

Dirac becomes a Ghost Brigade and goes on multiple missions with his squadron while being watched carefully in case the consciousness of the traitor comes out. At this point there are just so many opportunities to go anywhere with this narrative and I love it. Will Dirac become a traitor himself or is he a completely different individual than the man he was copied from? It took me awhile to like him because at the beginning of the novel he is like a new child. Over time he grew on me and his struggle with who he is was pretty fascinating.

She has a lot of responsibility now and she takes that responsibility seriously. Boutin is an interesting antagonist because of his relation to Jared. His actions and motivations are clear to the reader and the reader gets to make an important decision if the way he views the world is correct or not. All of the alien races have such diversity that learning about them each is a lot of fun.

The way that the CDF and the Special Forces get along and interact with each other is a strong component to this novel. My favorite part of the world that Scalzi has created is figuring out what role the humans are playing in the universe.

Writing — 3 Fine Scalzi brings his fast-paced writing into The Ghost Brigades but also puts in his classic Scalzi interjections about philosophy and ideas.

I felt that the beginning of The Ghost Brigades could have been stronger. It took me some time to become engaged with this story because the beginning was mostly shown through the eyes of random characters. Once Dirac was created, the story picked up, and became much more interesting. I felt that the Kynan beginning was a little long. William Dufries does an impeccable job narrating this audio book. He gives character and personality to everyone.

You can tell that he read the book, decided on how he was going to approach each scene, and made an effort to give life to each and every character. We must have the tactile experience to anchor our memories because without the bookmarks in our head, we are nothing. We are the sum of all our experiences and even if we think exactly like someone else, our experiences in life is what creates individuals. Two identical twins are basically the same person when they are born but over time they become separate individuals.

Also Scalzi wants us to look at choice in The Ghost Brigades. No matter what our surroundings, background, or experience is, we have a choice as to what we will do. If you want to read something about a consciousness being put into another person and if the new consciousness will be anything like the original, then check this book out.


The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi



The Ghost Brigades






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