Long, lean, sinewy b. Broad, tending toward muscular c. Symmetrical, evenly proportioned d. Very shapely, a delicate hourglass e.

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D Sloped, tapered can be a bit sharp, but still sloped E Sloped, rounded 3. How long do your arms and legs look in comparison to your body? This is in proportion to your body, specifically your torso. Make sure to relax your arms while doing this, as stretching them out will make them seem longer than they are. My arms and legs are: A Elongated, narrow C Moderate, even in proportion to my height and torso D Small, slightly short E Small, very short in proportion to my height and torso 4.

What are the size and shape of your hands and feet in comparison to the rest of your body? My hands and feet are: A Long, narrow C Moderate, neither very large nor very small D Small, narrow, delicate E Small, slightly wide Next we have the flesh on your body.

This is about the overall look of your flesh, your skin and muscles. As an example as to why: some people have very soft and puffy cheeks, even when underweight. Other people have very tight skin on their cheekbones, even when overweight. Flesh on the Body. This question takes into account both how your torso, waist, and hips look, and also the general look of your arms and legs.

This question refers to the shape of the bust, and also includes some descriptions for gaining weight, since some body types gain flesh here easily. Again, this question is in proportion to the bust and hips. The overall shape of my waistline is: A Elongated, but boyishly tapered even when overweight B Elongated, but broad D Very small in proportion to my bust and hips E Softly defined, but tends to be slightly wide 8.

Like the last two questions, this question is in proportion to the rest of your body. The overall shape of my hips is: A Tapered, straight, narrow but I do thicken here when overweight B Straight, slightly tapered, and slightly wide weight collects on the hips C Moderate, in even proportion to my bust and waist D Shapely and rounded, more pronounced then my waistline E Extremely soft and rounded whatever my weight is 9.

What best describes the flesh on your upper arms and thighs? One good way to test this is to feel the flesh on your upper arms and thighs. The flesh on my upper arms and thighs are: A Long, slender, sinewy B Elongated, tending towards muscular C Moderate D Soft, slightly short E Very soft, slightly wide and fleshy Now we have the facial features. Facial Features.

My jawline is: A Sharp, either very pointed or very square B Broad, blunt, slightly wide C Moderate, neither wide, sharp, nor rounded D Delicate, tapered, or slightly narrow E Rounded or softly wide In the picture below, it may be a bit difficult to see the difference between the B option and the E option.

B noses that broad and wide bridges, E noses have smaller and rounder bridges. My nose is: B Broad or blunt, on the large side C Moderate not very large or small, not very rounded or sharp D Delicate, tapered, narrow E Rounded or softly wide Ignore the flesh of your cheeks and look just at the shape of your cheekbones for this question.

You may need to feel the bones to get your answer, especially if you have very full flesh. My cheekbones are:.


David Kibbe's metamorphosis

Luckily, I am friends with some other stylish ladies that are on the same path: we are all seeking to create the best physical presentation of ourselves. Imagine my surprise as I discovered the secret to mastering a consistent and impeccable personal style! As it turns out, the best way to style your clothing is to use your body type and facial features as a guide. I did the Kibbe quizzes linked here , here and here.


David Kibbe's Metamorphosis: Discover Your Image Identity and Dazzle As Only You Can

Sloped, but tapered e. Sloped and rounded To evaluate the shape of your shoulders, see the line of shoulder from the neck down. There are of course no visible geometric angles in our body, so the pictures below will help you see: 3. The length of my arms and legs are best described as: a. Elongated, narrow c. Moderate, in even proportion to my height and upper torso d.


How to Determine Your Kibbe Body Type

Style This post may contain affiliate links. See full disclosure. When I first embarked on a journey of refining my style, I never imagined the rabbit hole I would find myself going down. At first glance, what may appear merely superficial, actually goes quite deep.

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