This type of clarifier uses gravity in conjunction with the projected settling area of the degree angle plastic parallel plates to settle solids from the pre-treated liquid flow. This treated liquid flows first to the flocculation tank where a polymer is added to promote floc growth, then down to the bottom of the clarifier and up through the plate pack s while the solids settle out to the bottom sludge cone or cones — depending upon the size. The solids are intermittently taken from the bottom cone tank for a further settling of the solids and then, finally to a filter press for final dewatering. They are constructed of carbon steel with coal tar epoxy lining on the inside, and epoxy coating on the exterior.

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No moving parts in settling area Capacities from 1 to 2, GPM Monroe also offers versatile Horizontal Plate Clarifiers which utilize cross flow parallel plate technology capable of removing floating contaminants as well as settleable materials.

Vertical Plate Clarifier installation, stainless steel construction with integral thickening tank, support structure, and access platform Laminar Inclined Plate Clarifier Design The Monroe Vertical Clarifier is designed to remove solids from wastewater and other process liquids. The liquid is fed from these tanks into the clarifier through the inlet chamber, which directs flow into the separation section.

Increased Flow and Reduced Footprint The liquid then enters the lower area of the laminar plates through side slots which distribute it across the entire width of the plates. Particulate settles onto the face of the plates and slides down to the clarifier bottom.

The clarified liquid exits the plate sections through weirs at the top of the unit which are designed to develop and control adequate pressure drop, maintaining laminar flow through the plates. The clarified liquid then flows into the effluent chamber and out of the clarifier. Settled solids collect at the bottom of the pyramid sludge hopper and are removed from the clarifier.

A Sludge Thickener optional with rake mechanism may be utilized in place of the pyramid hopper when applicable. The unique, modular design of the Monroe Parallel Plate Vertical Clarifier allows for easy removal of individual laminar plate modules from the clarifier for inspection.

Well proven design criteria assure maximum performance of each clarifier. The design provides for easy field installation, fast start-up, and low maintenance costs. Options to Enhance Efficiency While many installations provide adequate solids removal without influent pre-treatment, optional mixers and flocculator tanks are available to enhance efficiency when required.

Some solids must be flocculated to achieve adequate mass to be effectively removed. Materials of Construction and Optional Components A wide range of construction materials and coatings are available to meet specific needs: Mild steel.


Lamella Clarifier Manufacturer | Inclined Plate Clarifier

Lamella clarifiers are considered to be one of the best options for pre-treatment ahead of membrane filters. Further lamella clarifiers are able to maintain the required water quality to the membrane without the use of chemicals. This is a cost saving measure both in purchasing chemicals and limiting damage to the membrane, as membranes do not work well with the large particles contained in flocculants and coagulants. Lamella clarifiers are also used in the municipal wastewater treatment processes. The most common wastewater application for lamella clarifiers is as part of the tertiary treatment stage. Lamella clarifiers can be integrated into the treatment process or stand-alone units can be used to increase the flow through existing water treatment plants. This can increase the settling area by two-fold resulting in a decrease in the solids loading in the overflow.


Lamella Plate Vertical Clarifiers


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