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Loosen the throttle twist grip collar screw and remove the grip with cables and wires attached allen wrench. See figure 33 2. Pull back the shouldered end of the throttle outer cable cover and remove the cable from the cable guide. Pry back the rubber twist grip flange and remove the cable end ball.

Pull on the rubber grip and remove the grip sleeve or cut the length of the rubber grip with a razor or knife and remove. Replace parts as necessary. Reassembling 1. Reassemble in reverse sequence. NOTE: Never refit a frayed cable. Fit a new one. When tightening the twist grip collar screw, use caution to avoid breakage.

Left Handgrip Replacing 1. Cut the length of the handgrip with a razor or knife and remove. To fit a new handgrip, first soak the open end of the grip in gasoline.

Tap the grip into position on the handlebar. Saddle Assembly 1. Loosen and remove the nut and washer of the support bolt connecting the luggage carrier to the frame 14mm wrench. Withdraw the support bolt from the opposite side of the machine and remove the spacers. Loosen the nuts on the upper mounting bolts and remove the washers and bolts 14mm wrench. Withdraw the saddle and seat post from the frame seat support. Loosen the nut and remove the two washers on the bold securing the main saddle spring to the seat post 14mm wrench.

Withdraw the bolt and remove the third washer from the spring side. Remove the spring from the saddle cradle with a twisting action. NOTE: Ensure that the three washers of the bolt securing the main saddle spring to the seat post are correctly located.

Adjusting 1. The height of the saddle can be adjusted to three different positions. Raise or lower the seat post to the next higher or lower position aligning the mounting holes. Insert the two upper bolts and fit the washers and nuts. Do not tighten. Insert the support bolt, washers and spacers. Fit the nut, but do not tighten.

To adjust the angle of the saddle, grip the saddle at the front and rear, press down firmly or lift, either the front or rear until the desired angle is reached. Tighten the two upper nuts and the nut of the support bolt 14mm wrench.


solex s 3800 manual

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Solex Manual S3800



Solex S 3800 USA specifications & tech. info


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