Totilar Drill a small volitation manual through the canopy be careful to take the canopy off the helicopter before doing so, for obvious reasons Even better, check out Volitation Mods and Upgrades volitation manual Overheating for a better fix to overheating. I got sucked in at a Mall Kiosk buying this yesterday, I had no idea I could get it so much cheaper online, lesson learned. Tell us some more! The tabs inside the battery compartment were not sticking out far enough to make contact with the battery tray. Originally Posted by viper1 Thanks!!

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Of special interest, at least to me, is my current tally of charges from the stock lipo battery. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the number of quality flights I got out of my battery! Check out my page on Volitation Mods and Upgrades to find access to the best and cheapest ways to get the most out of your !

Happy reading! The control board as seen from the top Red Light: Instance: The red light is flashing continuously. Reason: The battery is out of power. Fixes: Check out my battery charging tips to get the most out of your battery. If the battery is fully charged: Your battery is dead; buy a new one. Your charger is broken; buy a new one. Your helicopter is broken?

The main wiring of the control board and the battery. Reason: The heli is not connected to the controller. Fixes: Turn the controller on. Replace the controller batteries if they are dieing in this case the range of the controller would gradually decrease until the batteries were replaced.

The frequency is printed on the box and at the front of the tail section. Click here to see the wavelength of several common frequencies. Fully extend the antenna on the controller. When the heli is connected or in heli terms bound to the controller, the red light stays lit.

The red light on the Circuit board. Some newer models of the have larger heat sinks; check the video to the right by hammydude to see if yours does.

Fix: Drill a small hole through the canopy be careful to take the canopy off the helicopter before doing so, for obvious reasons Even better, check out Volitation Mods and Upgrades under Overheating for a better fix to overheating.

Some household remotes could also use one of these frequencies. Fix: Always turn off the helicopter before the controller, and always turn on the controller before the helicopter. Wait 3 or more seconds before turning on the helicopter, for best results. Charger: The complete charging set. Flashing Green Light: Instance: The charger green light is changing its flashing speed.

Reason: The time left to fully charge the battery is decreasing. There are 4 settings to the light on the charger: Off: The battery is not plugged in. Fast Flash: The battery is less than half charged. Slow Flash: The battery is more than half charged but not fully charged. On: The battery is fully charged. This is handy to keep from overcharging the battery, which can be a disaster aka an explosion and fire , but just the same, monitor your battery when charging, just to be safe.

Check out the movies below to see a visual representation of the two main speeds of the charger. An important note about the Charger: The stock charging box. In other words, the charger does not overcharge the stock lipo battery.

I attribute this long stock battery lifespan to following to the letter my Battery and Charging Tips. Visit this page to extend your battery lifetime! My repairs: This is a list of all the repairs that I have needed to do on my after more than 65 flights: Bending the flybar straight again: This is a minor repair, done multiple times after crashing and bending my flybar. Replacing the main top rotor motor: Besides being a mouthful, this is necessitated by my main A motor burning out.

Unfortunately it was right after receiving my new battery! This was caused by the longer flights with the new battery. To protect against burning out your motors, perform this fairly simple, free upgrade! Check out Overheating on Volitation Mods and Upgrades. Thanks for visiting!


Double Horse 9051 Instruction Manual



9053/9053B Helicopter Parts


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