If a matter with such doubtful information is presented to any court in the world, the judge will not be able to decide the matter and will acquit the suspect based on the benefit of doubt despite of the fact that the suspect and relevant witnesses are available in his court. He only compiled the traditions and did not perform evaluation of such reports. Nobody engages in a revolt with a handful of companions including his family members and young children. We also know that all such people disguised themselves in mainstream Muslims.

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If the answer is yes, we should go for it but if the answer is no, why to conduct a debate on an issue that has not been settled during last 14 centuries. We should consider the following facts about these issues: I appreciate that you study the history.

Although we are not sure about authenticity of such reports. Other than that, there is nothing except theories of different people. My objective of providing you with the book was to demonstrate that two points of view exist on this issue and both groups have their own arguments based on the reports compiled by Imam Tabari.

I hope you get my point. Nobody believes that Sahaba were free from sin. Tabari is available on the following link. The book is available at the following links: If we accept the narrations portraying himself as a dictator, the matter will ammeer remain limited to him. He only compiled the traditions and did not perform evaluation of such reports. If you know Arabic, you should study the history from its original source.

If some Sahaba had something wrong, Allah will not ask us about that but if they were really acquitted from that, we will be held responsible in front of Allah for believing in reports transmitted through doubtful channels.

We should keep a good view Husn Zann about all the companions and leave the matter of their internal disputes of Allah. I agree with you that narrations from such people should not be accepted in other matters even it is in favor of our view.

I even extend this to all other people and do not accuse anyone for any charge against him and leave their matter to Allah. The approach of Tabari was to compile all the narrations whether authentic or not in a chronological order. My point is that if you want to quote an example it should be a good example.

They will be highly appreciated. Dear Brother Assalam o alaikum wa Rahmatullah Thank you very much for answering me. Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah.

Because in this way you can say that Zia- ul-Haq ruled for 11 years because he was a very patient person. On the other side, if we keep a bad opinion about the companions and they were free from such accusations, Allah will definitely hold us accountable. Allah, in the name of, the Most Affectionate, the Eternally Merciful. Musharrif ruled for 9 years because he is very patient. Thank you very much for answering me. He will decide this issue on the Day of Judgment.

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