Grogul There was too wide a gap between the elementary exercises—which could not confer any special abilities on me so soon—and the abstract and ready- made ideas, borrowed from what to me at the time, was a foreign philosophy. Just as the attitude of the student is of first-class importance to success, so the duty of the author is to help his readers, without allowing any good approach to be spoiled by his lack of personal experience. Jan 03, Calico Jack rated it it was amazing. Meditate at length about this until you are utterly convinced of the truth of the statement. George Allen and Unwin Ltd. They have been arranged from the elementary stages up to the most advanced and hence difficult ones.

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An effort at preservation and precipitation Mouni Sadhu was the mystical name taken by this noted Occultist and devout Mystic of the first half of the Twentieth Century.

The word "mouni" means "silent" and "sadhu" refers to a wandering holy man. If you are reading this, then chances are you have discovered for yourself the intricate and enlightening writings of Mouni Sadhu. This site represents an effort to catalog and preserve his writings, discover some of his biographical information, offer you glimpses of his life and act as a resource for your further studies. Mouni Sadhu sought respect for the teachings over the teacher therefore details about his life are rare.

If you have any information, additions, corrections, links, articles, photos, biographical data Significant contributors will be duly credited. No retail sites please. If possible, include links and direction for further inquiry. He was married Jan. He had no children. By the same source, Mieczyslaw Sudowski seems to have fought in the Polish army and was taken as a prisoner of war to the U.

R Sept. Upon liberation he was moved to France and changed his name to Michael Sadau. He worked there for the US Army until Nov. On Dec. He immigrated to Australia in June He was an electrical mechanic by trade, a member of the Australian Society of Authors his literary heirs and very fond of cats Miss Lapa.


Mouni Sadhu

I recently read a book titled Willpower by Roy F Baumeister. The book sheds light on willpower in a scientific way with plenty of examples of studies that have been conducted over the past couple of decades and some of the conclusions that have been drawn. The gist of it is that willpower can be likened to a battery, much like Mouni Sadhu described it in Concentration. You have a certain amount available to you throughout the day and you slowly deplete it as you do your daily activities. What depletes the battery is any sort of discipline that you may impose on yourself, whether it is to do something you do not like or to not do something that you do like. Everyday decisions such as what am I going to eat for breakfast or what colour shirt do I want to buy yes, this has been backed by scientific studies, but of course, we need to be careful as even studies can be misleading and wrong. Additionally there are things that restore willpower, such as sleeping and they found sugar or sugar metabolized from carbohydrates also restores willpower.



This urges the reader to attempt the Path for himself, which is by no means impossible, for that Path is utterly independent of any outer conditions, such as race, age, worldly position, family ties, and so on. The attention must be directed to the pronunciation of the words concenteation should then be said many thousands of times daily. Always he advises, supports and encourages those inspired toward true spirituality as being the highest and the ultimate aim. However, the reverse of this, i. He accepts everything as given, and disappointment is the common result.


Be that as it may, there is a certain amount of biographical information contained within his books that can be relied upon as being authentic and factual. We know, for example, that Mouni Sadhu studied Hermeticism exclusively between , based to a large degree on the lectures of G. Its smooth and logical theories pleased my reason, as did the impeccable style of Mrs. Besant and Mr.

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