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At each TSG round, specs can be: Newly brought under change control i. The target dates are shown in the table below. Where very many CRs have to be implemented, or very many specifications are to be produced, a further week beyond the above deadlines may be required. These dates are agreed by the TSG Chairmen. Over the Christmas and New Year period, when the winter TSG round finishes shortly before the holiday period, an extra week or so is normally added to the final deadlines.

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Tokazahn The use of integrity protection may be configured only upon DRB establishment and reconfigured only upon 33gpp or upon the first reconfiguration following RRC connection re-establishment. The Organizational 3gpl accept no liability for any use of this Specification. The length of the SI-window is common for all SI messages, and is configurable.

The further details are specified in TS Unless explicitly stated otherwise in the procedural specification, the system information acquisition procedure overwrites any stored system information, i. Paging The purpose of this procedure is: Upon receiving a change notification, the UE acquires the new system information immediately from the start of the next modification period.

For further details see 3bpp Performs logging of available measurements together with location and time for logged measurement configured UEs. RRC handles the configuration of the security parameters which are part of the AS configuration: In the next modification period, the network transmits the updated system information. The additional information is used to verify whether or not the UE is authorised to access the target PCell and may also be needed to identify handover candidate cell PCI confusion i.

Such RN-specific aspects are not applicable to the UE. In this case, the target eNB should use the full configuration option to reconfigure the UE for Handover and Re-establishment. References are either specific identified by date of publication, edition number, version number, etc.

In addition, an 3fpp counter mechanism is used: In downlink piggybacking of NAS messages is used only for one dependant i. Release 8 and 9 AS feature handling The source eNB may also provide the target eNB with a list of best cells on each frequency for which measurement information is available, in order of decreasing RSRP. The copyright and the foregoing restriction extend to reproduction in all media. The MIB includes a limited number of most essential and most frequently transmitted parameters that are needed to acquire other information from the cell, and is transmitted on BCH.

This connection resumption succeeds only if the accessed cell is prepared, i. For a specific reference, subsequent revisions do not apply. If this is not the case, i. An RN configured with an RN subframe configuration does not need to apply the system information acquisition and change monitoring procedures.

A term defined in the present document takes precedence over the definition of the same term, if any, in TR The SI messages transmitted within periodically occurring time domain windows referred to as SI-windows using dynamic scheduling.

Commercial Mobile Alert System: To facilitate this, the network may configure the UE to perform measurement reporting possibly including the configuration measurement gaps. System information may be transmitted a number of times with the same content within a modification period, as defined by its scheduling. When the network changes some of the system information, it first notifies the UEs about this change, i. The services provided by Radio Link Control layer e. However, the UE only accepts a handover message when security has been activated.

If the conditions for cell re-selection are fulfilled, the UE shall perform cell re-selection as specified in 5. The source eNB selects the target PCell. This specification is organised as follows: Further details about the services provided by Packet Data Convergence Protocol layer e. In order avoid such re-use, the eNB may e.

The scope of the present document also 3pgp That is, within one SI-window only the corresponding SI is transmitted. That is, the response to the message used to activate security is not ciphered, while the subsequent messages e. The AS applies three different security keys: The UE acquires the detailed time-domain scheduling and other information, e. The source eNB transparently i. TOP 10 Related.


3GPP Specification detail



3GPP Specification detail



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