When your baby is able to hold his head up without assistance, the Jumperoo can provide mental stimulation that encourages play and exploration. With a stationary base and a seat that encourages leg exercise, it is an alternative to the traditional walker. Select one hinged base and place it on a level surface. Place a second hinged base so that the two form a half-circle. Push the two tube ends together where the two bases meet, pushing until they click together, forming a half-circle.

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Fisher price rainforest jumperoo instructions Written by Jamie Farber 28 July, Before babies can begin moving on their own, it can be a challenge to keep them occupied since parents are required to do almost everything for them. Once babies learn to jump, it is something they enjoy doing, but parents usually need to assist with the bouncing.

The Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo changes all that by offering parents a mobile jumping station that helps babies bounce and also offers toys and a spinning motion. Place one of the hinged bases on a flat surface.

Push the button on one of the base tubes and slide it into the small tube that is attached to the hinged base. Keeping the button pushed, slide the base tube in until you hear a click. Repeat this process with the other hinged base and base tube.

Place the two hinged bases and base tubes on the floor so they form a half circle. When the Jumperoo is fully assembled, it will form a circle. Grasp the tapered edge of the base tube on one of the hinged bases and insert it into the regular tube on the other hinged base piece.

Push until you hear a click. The two hinged base assembly pieces should now be attached. Slide the open side of the small base tube onto one of the hinged base assembly tube pieces. Continue to push the small base tube until you hear a click. Repeat the process with the large base tube and the other hinged base assembly tube piece.

Lift the large tube base piece and place it on top of the small tube base piece. Place the large base piece onto the latch that is on the small base and push down until you hear a click. You should now have a full circle. Pick up the plastic seat piece and the fabric cover. Line the plastic seat piece so the inside is up and the star markings are facing you. Pull the pad through the seat and wrap the edges of the fabric around the edges of the plastic seat.

Fit the six slots on the fabric cover to the corresponding pegs on the seat and attach by looping the fabric ties around the pegs. Hold the frame piece above the base, placing each of the three frame tubes over one of the three base tubes. Slide one of the frame tubes into a base tube, stopping when you hear a click. Continue with the two remaining tubes. Insert the seat piece and pad into the seat ring area.

You will hear a snap once it is secure. Insert the batteries into the base of the seat by opening the marked battery compartment with a Phillips head screwdriver. Place the three AA batteries into the compartment following the markings for the positive and negative sides. Attach the remaining toys to the tray area, with the lizard and dragonfly going on one side and the electronic toy going on the other.

The spots are marked and you will push each toy into place. A clicking noise will let you know it is secure. Slide the leaf toys into the two slots on the front two seat tubes.

Place your baby in the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo once it is completely assembled. If this is not the case, you will need to adjust the height.

Remove your baby from the seat to adjust the height. Turn the Jumperoo over and locate the height strap found under each frame tube on the actual seat assembly piece. You will need to pull each strap to the desired height by either raising or lowering the strap to one of the three positions. Snap the fasten strap bar around the strap once you have it in the correct position. Pick the mode you would like to use and slide the mode switch to the correct position.

The single music note mode will play music and sounds whenever the baby jumps. When the double music note mode is on, the music and sounds will play repeatedly for five minutes once the baby begins bouncing. It will continue to play, even if the baby stops moving, unless turned off manually by an adult. Tips Make sure you complete the battery installation before adding the toys to the Jumperoo base because the electronic toy will go on top of the battery compartment.

Warnings The Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo should only be used by children who are able to hold their heads up on their own. The Jumperoo can hold children who weigh less than Children should not be left unattended in the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo. About the Author Jamie Farber started writing professionally in Her work has appeared in several newspapers, including "The Grand Rapids Press," "The Advance" and "The Wooster Daily Record," as well as in several local magazines and on various websites.

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