Social media, true to its reputation of being the first to react, reacted by drawing an interesting parallel with the case of Kamlesh Tiwari, currently lodged in Lucknow jail for an alleged case of blasphemy against Prophet Mohammed. What Is Blasphemy? While two Abrahamic faiths- Christianity and Judaism have undergone and accepted considerable moderation in their views about blasphemy; Islam continues to use it as an oppressive tool against non-believers. Tracing roots of Blasphemy in India To understand the nuances of blasphemy, it is important to go back into the history and most importantly events of Lahore and Delhi, the two battleground cities for Aryasamajis and Muslims. Lahore, with a vibrant intellectual life and educational institutions, was chosen by Swami Dayanand as the headquarters of Aryasamaj and it became a hub of revivalist movements in Punjab. As preachers of Aryasamaj went on with their job of educating masses about their teachings, Maulvis began to feel the heat and the fault-lines of the society widened further.

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Rangeela Rasool by Pt. Chamupati Publisher - Rajpal, 1924

Apr 05, Guttu rated it really liked it This is one of the most controversial books written about Islam. It has tried to put light on the aspects which are unknown to most. There is a big issue about the language of the book which is a mixture of Hindi and Urdu. The urdu words tend to make it confusing, restricting the flow of reading. Overall, very informative book.


Rangeela Rasul

His family moved to Peshawar , Pakistan when he was very young. He moved to Lahore at a young age and earned his livelihood by painting billboards for the Pakistani film industry. The film director asked Mohammad Saeed Khan to play the part which he did. All those present during the shooting were amused by his acting style and he became an actor through sheer luck.


Rangeela Rasul Urdu Translation

I have read one of the most controversial books of all time. Chamupati had used all the "Sunni" Documents to describe the living of "Mohammed hazrat". The language used is bit fluffy and its in Hindi. Best book to disclose all the mis deeds of this man who started "Islam".

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