Por una serie de circunstancias, yo me vi de lleno en esta pista en la primavera de Vivimos juntos y actuamos y reaccionamos los unos sobre los otros, pero siempre, en todas las circunstancias, estamos solos. Se pronuncian palabras, pero son las palabras que no ilustran. Soy y, en cuanto puedo recordar, he sido siempre poco imaginativo. Cuando recuerdo algo, la memoria no se me presenta como un objeto o un acontecimiento que estoy volviendo a ver.

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That fateful day. Yes, the day Huxley died. His last words were LSD, micrograms I. He took psychedelic drugs less than a dozen times in his life, but he always did so with a deep spiritual purpose, never casually. The Doors of Perception is a detailed account of the first time.

For man has closed himself up, November 22, The session was recorded and he was able to reconstruct "the trip" and his thoughts very thoroughly. It is quite evident the man truly had a beautiful mind.

He is erudite, witty and full of good will toward men. His thoughts on drapery make you believe that folds in a piece of cloth are the most important thing in the world.

And I would have to agree. In the average Madonna or Apostle the strictly human, fully representational element accounts for about ten per cent of the whole. All the rest consists of many colored variations on the inexhaustible theme of crumpled wool or linen.

And these non-representational nine-tenths of a Madonna or an Apostle may be just as important qualitatively as they are in quantity. They had seen the Istigkeit, the Allness and Infinity of folded cloth and had done their best to render it in paint or stone. Necessarily, of course, without success. For the glory and the wonder of pure existence belong to another order, beyond the Power of even the highest art to express.

However Huxley was dismayed that Doors had been used in the launch of the counterculture of the s. That he ends up on the cover of Sgt. But if he inspired Within You Without You rather than "come on baby, light my fire" I think he would not have minded. Who did they all think they were?

In spite of his contempt for naturalistic art, the old visionary knew a good thing when he saw it- except of course, when it was by Rubens. His sickness consists in the inability to take refuge from inner and outer reality as the sane person habitually does in the homemade universe of common sense - the strictly human world of useful notions, shared symbols and socially acceptable conventions. The schizophrenic is like a man permanently under the influence of mescalin, and therefore unable to shut off the experience of a reality which he is not holy enough to live with, which he cannot explain away because it is the most stubborn of primary facts, and which, because it never permits him to look at the world with merely human eyes, scares him into interpreting its unremitting strangeness, its burning intensity of significance, as the manifestations of human or even cosmic malevolence, calling for the most desperate countermeasures, from murderous violence at one end of the scale to catatonia, or psychological suicide, at the other.


Las 42 mejores frases célebres de Aldous Huxley, un escritor distópico

En este post vamos a conocer algunos de las mejores frases de Aldous Huxley. Todos los hombres son dioses para su perro. Sobre la capacidad para promover un cambio empezando por uno mismo. La felicidad no es nunca grandiosa. La propia historia vital siempre es vivida con un cierto toque angustiante. Pero yo no quiero la comodidad.




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