First launched over a decade ago, the Preludes series has continued to prove popular with Dragonlance fans. This re-release of Brothers Majere showcases a new look for the forthcoming recovers of the remainder of the series. The title features cover art from lead Dragonlance artist Matt Stawicki and includes a short introduction by New York Times best-selling author Margaret Weis. Before the War of the Lance

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Publication history[ edit ] Dragon magazine introduced some of the Heroes of the Lance in a series of short stories; "The test of the twins" in Dragon 83 March was the first of these, and is a story about the twins Raistlin and Caramon. This was the beginning of the Dragonlance saga. Raistlin was given to one of the players, Terry Phillips, to play. Terry spoke His rasping voice, his sarcasm and bitterness all masking an arrogance and power that never needed to be stated suddenly were real.

Everyone in the room was both transfixed and terrified. To this day Margaret [Weis] swears that Terry wore the black robes to the party that night. We can relate to feelings that nobody loves us, to the struggle for recognition and acceptance. I really understood Raistlin right off the bat.

During the five years in which the future Heroes of the Lance go their separate ways, Raistlin takes the Test of High Sorcery at the Tower of Wayreth, where he acquires golden skin and is cursed with hourglass eyes that cause him to see time as it affects all things. This appearance was originally invented by Dragonlance cover artist Larry Elmore , "because it would look just great" [3]. He also becomes even more frail and sickly than before. Raistlin views magic as a way to compensate for lacking the physical strength and personal charisma that his brother has, and for the inadequacy he feels about having to rely on others.

He only follows Tanis Half-Elven , the unofficial leader of the companions, because he feels that doing so will ultimately benefit him.

We are merely traveling in the same direction He dons the black robes worn by evil wizards those who worship Nuitari and eventually rises to become the most powerful mortal on Krynn through a deal he made with the ancient archmage Fistandantilus during his test in the Tower of High Sorcery.

He befriends the gully dwarf Bupu through his kindness. He identifies with such people and is thus quick to help them as he is quick to help himself. There are also rare instances when Raistlin feels genuine regret that he cannot return to the times of his childhood when he was capable of feeling love, a common lament throughout the series. Early life[ edit ] As described in the fantasy novel The Soulforge , Raistlin Majere and his twin brother Caramon were born in the town of Solace, Abanasinia, to a woodcutter named Gilon Majere and his wife, Rosamun who, because she possessed magical abilities but was forced to suppress it by her upbringing, had a habit of slipping into uncontrollable trances.

Raistlin was born sickly and on the verge of death. In fact, the midwife felt that the baby Raistlin should be allowed to die as an act of mercy. Possibly as a result of this early illness, Raistlin was always a sickly child, but possessed a fierce intellect, in stark contrast to his slow-thinking, but not unintelligent, physically stronger twin.

In fact, according to the common lore of the world of Krynn supported by statements made by the god, Paladine, in the closing chapters of Dragons of Spring Dawning , identical twins were considered to be one person split in two. For this reason, Raistlin believed he had been given the mind, and Caramon the body. Kitiara, still driven by a desire to find a use for her brothers, was annoyed by Raistlin for this same reason.

She knew Caramon would make a great warrior, but she did not know what to do with his brother. The answer came when a powerful archmagus of the White Robes , named Antimodes , stopped for a night in Solace. Kitiara, after much effort, persuaded the archmage to talk to Raistlin, who impressed the archmage with intellect and wisdom beyond what Antimodes felt should be possessed by a child of six. He was also frightened by another trait Raistlin possessed: the desire to control others.

As years passed, Raistlin learned the basics of the arcane tongue from his schoolmaster, and was taunted and isolated by his schoolmates who termed him "the Sly One". However, Raistlin, rather than being upset by this lack of acceptance, enjoyed the fact they feared him enough to try to destroy him. When the time came for his first test of magic, a test conducted by writing the words "I, Magus" on a lambskin which would burn into the skin if he possessed the ability, at first nothing happened.

After a desperate prayer to the three gods of magic, who visited him and made him swear to worship them, the words lit up with such ferocity that the skin was utterly consumed. It would be several more years before Raistlin finally learned to cast his first spell.

The twins were sixteen. His father, Gilon, was mortally injured in a terrible logging accident and was brought back to Solace just in time to say a few last words to his sons. Widow Judith comforted the distraught Rosamun, insisting that the god Belzor would perform a miraculous healing for her husband.

The people of Solace had apparently heard enough, for they ran Widow Judith out of town. Rosamun, struck dumb by the sudden loss of her husband, fell into one of her trances, sinking so deep that she never re-emerged. She died three days later. At her funeral, driven nearly senseless and hallucinating with his grief, Raistlin showed great disregard for the inclement weather that oversaw it and fell into a deep fever.

He only survived due to the unexpected return of Kitiara, who fought death over her brother once more and, like before, defeated it. Raistlin and his brother formed a friendship with other citizens of Solace who would one day become their fellow Heroes of the Lance. These friendships and the mentorship of Flint Fireforge and Tanis Half-Elven helped fill the gap that the sudden loss of their parents had created.

It was there that Raistlin encountered the cult of the false god Belzor, and where he again met the Renegade Wizard , Judith, who was using magic to bamboozle the townspeople into believing in her. By revealing she was using magic and not the powers of a god by casting a spell of his own , Raistlin proved that she was a charlatan, destroying her cult and at the same time invoking the wrath of the townspeople against himself, coming dangerously close to being burned at the stake.

However, the spell Raistlin had used was illegal for him to cast, as an untested mage, by the law of the Conclave of Wizards. Rather than discipline him, less than one year later, the Conclave decided to summon Raistlin to the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth Forest to take the Test. This in itself was astonishing for no one so young had ever taken the grueling test, which touted death as the price of failure.

Raistlin and his brother left Solace, being unable by Conclave law to tell anyone where they were going, and made their way to the Tower.

After being invited to drink with three elves, named Liam, Micah, and Renet, they offer Raistlin a job. Raistlin, initially planning to warn Lemuel, agrees to go in after the elves tell him that they know of secret spellbooks hidden in the shop. After entering the house and going into the basement alone, Raistlin encounters the evil Fistandantilus.

Raistlin accepts, and when Fistandantilus unlocks the basement door after teaching Raistlin a spell, the elves attack, casting a magical fireball too quickly for Raistlin to react. In desperation and out of instinct, Raistlin throws up his hands to stop the fireball that is hurtling towards him. However, instead of obliterating him, it "burst on him, over him, around him. It burst harmlessly, its effects dissipated, showering him with sparks and globs of flame that struck his hands and astonished face and then vanished in a sizzle, as if they were falling into standing water.

After the battle, Raistlin notices that his skin has turned a gold color, forming a magical armor that had protected him from the fireball. Fistandantilus denies that he created the armor for Raistlin, telling Raistlin that it is an armor of his own making. Realizing that this armor will protect him from Fistandantilus taking his life force, Raistlin reneges on his bargain.

As he leaves the cellar, an enraged Fistandantilus threatens Raistlin, telling him that his Test is not yet over and that if even a crack should appear in the armor, Fistandantilus will take the life promised to him. Finding himself magically transported back to the Tower of Wayreth, Raistlin believes his Test is over.

Feeling a breath of air hitting his neck, Raistlin manages to turn his body, changing what would have been an instantly killing knife thrust into one that does severe damage but leaves him alive.

Liam, one of the dark elves, had survived the spell in the basement. In pain and failing strength, Raistlin overcomes the deeply wounded dark elf and kills Liam with his own blade. Raistlin realizes that the blade Liam wielded had been covered with poison, and passes out, expecting to die. Raistlin regains consciousness to find his brother, Caramon, walking towards him.

As Caramon carries his brother out, the floating head of Fistandantilus appears, intent on taking what little life force Raistlin has left.

As Raistlin prepares to cast a final spell that he knows will kill him in his weakened state, Caramon suddenly conjures lightning that strikes the floating head. Caramon tells Raistlin that the spell was something he could always do, but since he preferred sword and shield, he had never told Raistlin. It was the old inner pain clawing at him, tearing at him with poisoned talons. Caramon, strong and cheerful, good and kind, open and honest. Not like Raistlin—the runt, the Sly One. He began speaking the words, the words that would summon the magic Beneath the layer of cold, hard rock, jealously bubbled and seethed.

Tremors split the rock. The fire flared, billowed, and engulfed Caramon. Raistlin later learns that he did not, in fact, kill his brother. The Caramon in the tower had been an illusion created by Par-Salian, formed to show Raistlin the depths of his own hatred and arrogance. Par-Salian, in order to teach Raistlin compassion and patience, curses him with the eyes of the sorceress Raelana, turning his pupils into an hourglass shape that shows him the effect of time on everything: "Youth withers before those eyes, beauty fades, mountains crumble to dust".

Told to never tell anyone the story of what had happened in the Tower, the two brothers leave, with Raistlin now wearing the Red Robes of Neutrality. The change in Raistlin between when he lacks and possesses the Staff has been compared to the difference between Dr.

Jekyll and Mr. It was also at this time that they heard of an army of mercenaries led by the Mad Baron of Langtree - information given to them by the white-robed wizard Antimodes , a close friend of Par-Salian. During this period Raistlin and Caramon encountered two new friends: a brown-robed mage brown robes given to those who never take the test named Horkin, and a half-kender named Scrounger.

During this same period, Kitiara had traveled to Sanction and met Ariakas: the man who was currently favored by Takhisis. Ariakas did not yet trust Kitiara, and he gave her a mission to lure Immolatus, a red dragon, to his command.

The dragon, embittered by the loss of his treasure, had declined orders to join forces with Ariakas. Upon encountering a dragon garbed in mortal guise, he could see partially through its transformation. In the book Brothers in Arms, the first encounter with Immolatus is described as such: What Raistlin saw was a blurred portrait, two faces instead of one, two faces in a botched painting, as if the artist had allowed all the colors to run together.

One face was the face of a human wizard. The other face was more difficult to see, but Raistlin had a fleeting impression of red, vibrant red, glittering red. There was something reptilian about the man, something reptilian about his second face. Raistlin and Caramon, taking their wounded to a temple that had once belonged to Paladine, Leader of the gods of Light, found themselves exploring it, along with Scrounger.

It was there that the twins ran into Immolatus again. At the conclusion of Brothers in Arms, Raistlin and Caramon remain with the army. During this time, Raistlin helped to fight the darkness threatening to consume all of Krynn. He and his companions played a critical role, and would collectively become known as the Heroes of the Lance.


Raistlin Majere

Publication history[ edit ] Dragon magazine introduced some of the Heroes of the Lance in a series of short stories; "The test of the twins" in Dragon 83 March was the first of these, and is a story about the twins Raistlin and Caramon. This was the beginning of the Dragonlance saga. Raistlin was given to one of the players, Terry Phillips, to play. Terry spoke His rasping voice, his sarcasm and bitterness all masking an arrogance and power that never needed to be stated suddenly were real.


Brothers Majere

Guaranteed sales at the time, Im sure, but in terms of critical approval this was always destined to be a lose-lose situation. Had Stein created too much of an elaborate backstory or delved too deeply into the characters psyches, then thered be an outcry of only Weis and Hickman can do that and every minor contribution would be picked over to death. Ultimately, this book will come as a disappointment to anyone enthralled by the Legends series and wanting another journey of such bombastic proportions. You will not get that here.


Brothers Majere (novel)

In this novel, Tasslehoff Burrfoot is charged with violating the kender laws of prearranged marriage, and forced to return to Kendermore due to the imprisonment of his Uncle Trapspringer. However, soon a bounty hunter arrives and charges him for desertion for violating the laws of prearranged marriage. A journey east turns into a voyage with gully dwarves. Tas is captured by gnomes, who seek to turn him into an exhibit. Woodrow saves him with help from Winnie, a wooly mammoth.

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